The lack of EVE-related posts here is mostly due to one factor; I haven’t been playing EVE much lately. I blame WoW mostly, along with The Witcher whenever the WoW bug has subdued long enough to play something else. I’m also not happy with this, as I really WANT to play EVE.

Granted my two accounts are still active (1 year subs ftw?), and I’ve been keeping up with skill training. The downtime has even helped in training those long skills that I know I needed, but hated to train while playing. I also quickly manage my industrial pilot once a week, updating his market orders and putting more items up for sale. The fact that I don’t have a huge need for the ISK right away lets me put up higher prices and deal with the longer timeframe to make a sale. Oddly enough in EVE, everything sells eventually, even if you price something 50% or more above the market average. Patience pays.

The reason I’m making this post now is because I’ve continued to listen to Warp Drive Active, and now also listen to The Drone Bay. Both are excellent podcasts focused on EVE, and are part of my ‘required listening’ for each week. Each time I listen, it drives up the urge to actually play EVE, which is saying something. I have no doubts that I will eventually return in a more active role, and when I do I will have two nicely trained pilots and a good stash of ISK to play with. At that time I will need to get serious about finding an active Corp, hopefully one that caters to both industry and combat. Given the size of the EVE universe, I’m not too worried about finding a good one.

So to my EVE readers, sorry for the lack of updates and discussion, but know that soon enough I’ll be back flying my internet spaceship, and will no doubt have plenty to say about it when it happens.

edit: I forgot to mention that in contrast to EVE, WoW podcasts do very little to raise the appeal of WoW for me. As excellent as The Instance is, I listen to it purely for entertainment value. It never makes me go ‘hmm thats interesting, I need to go log on and try that’, while basically every EVE podcasts has a moment or three like that in it. Just another example of how truly different MMOs can be, even in something as abstract as podcasts.

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15 Responses to Urge…to…play…EVE…rising…

  1. Funak says:

    We want more EVE. After reading your blog I tried EVE online and created a trial account, which is ending in a day or so, but will buy the game and continue to play it. It is a different MMO than all the rest. Also wanted to see the sandbox vs themepark difference.

  2. nuyan says:

    The fun thing is that you can talk about Eve Online pretty much 24/7. There’s just so much about it.

  3. Funak says:

    Indeed. I just listen to the podcasts from Warp Drive Active guys and lmao.

  4. marty says:

    Welp, today would be a really bad day to go back. Because at 02:00 server time, it will be down for 14 hours (big patch day).

  5. Warning Recruitment Ahead:
    If you’re looking for a corp interested in both industry and combat, we in Strife Mercenaries are always looking for new pilots and we have a good time. :)

    P.S. Long time reader, first time commenter! Woot!

  6. Bonedead says:

    Hells yeah Syncaine, the people want more EVE, they have spoken!

    But I’m just gonna throw somethin out there, maybe you’ll consider thinking about biting, SWG. Oh no he didn’t.

  7. Thallian says:

    I tried Eve and it is fascinating though I think what I really want to play is something like privateer online/wing commander online/ or descent freespace online where its more like actually piloting something. that aside I love the sandbox freedom and the neat situations that come from the economical and pvp freedom. Still waiting for Eve 2.0 though I think.

  8. As a new Eve player for about a month, I’m having a great time so far. I’ve built up a fascination for Eve Online blog posts though – so get cracking ;)

  9. Swift Voyager says:

    Good to hear. Eve is calling for you.

    When you decide to look for a corp, don’t forget about the in-game advertising system. It’s really a great help for finding just what you want in a corp. Actually I think it’s called the Corporate Registry and there’s a tutorial section about it if you aren’t familiar.

  10. sandboxgod says:

    I hope you come back to eve online. There are like a billion blogs on world of warcraft seriously but EVE online blogs are much more rare and more fun for sandboxers like myself to read. enjoy your writings all the time tho so f we must read WoW then I will :(

  11. CrazyKinux says:

    As you mention, patience is a virtue, and eventually you’ll come back to EVE. I simply know.

    Glad you like The Drone Bay! And if you’re still looking for a corp, join the channel SHOP@PPL and have a chat with my mates from Phoenix Labs.

    Looking forward to read your next EVE post.

    Fly safe mate!

  12. Eric says:

    The key is indeed in finding a nice corp, so it’ll be fun to hang out in the corp’s chat channel and having some activities. Be it running missions, hunting pirates or a mining op :).

  13. swiftvoyager says:

    hope you don’t mind a short recount of my adventures on Friday. My buddies and I had a 20 man roaming gang just looking for trouble. We caught a Carrier out in space and too far from a gate to jump. We locked him down and began breaking his tank. I’m not sure how long it took us, but we eventually saw that his armor wasn’t repping any more and we thought we had him.

    That’s when one of his friends showed up and dropped a Cyno and they jumped in TWO Titans. The Titans each laid down a Doomsday Device, the first one took out all of our ships, and the second one sent us all to the clone vats.

    That was the first time I’ve ever seen a Titan, and I got to see two different kinds at the same time. Wow. And a doomsday device, Wow again. The DD’s weren’t as impressive as I thought they would be. Basically a big white flash. The kills are on the Battleclinic killboard if you search my name. I was lucky I wasn’t flying a more expensive ship, but some of my buddies were. Oh well, that’s life in Eve.

  14. syncaine says:

    Very awesome story Swift. Biggest ship I’ve seen is a few Carriers, never a MS or Titan. I can’t believe you guys got double DD’ed, epic stuff.

    Soon enough I’ll be back…

  15. swiftvoyager says:

    Thought you’d like that one. If we had to lose our entire fleet, that’s certainly a sexy way to do it. :)

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