Offspring or Evolution?

Cuppy recently talked about what she is looking for in an MMO, in particular referencing the upcoming FreeRealms (of which I will admit I know basically nothing about). It struck me that based on her list we have an almost exact opposite request list for future games.

Here is her list.

Cute? Check.

Minigames? Check.

Faeries? Check.

Small download? Check.

Web integration? Check.

Casual? Check.

Cute? WoW is about as cute as I can stand, and even that pushes it at times.

Minigames? Nope, I have the Wii for that. I want a game, not a mini-game.

Faeries? The Fey in EQ2 bugged me, but this is somewhat minor I guess.

Small download? I’ll buy it, put the DVD in my drive, and never again care what the size of the game is. The fact that high quality graphics/sound take up more space, I’m not willing to sacrifice polygons for a few minutes off a one time download or install.

Web integration? Until an A-class game comes out with any worthwhile web integration, this is a non-factor. Stuff like the WoW Armory is nice, but if it went poof, I would hardly notice. And nothing too web-based is going to take advantage of that 8800 GT sitting in my system, which goes back to the space issue above.

Casual? This one is a toss up. Anything casual can be made non-casual and vice versa, it all depends on how you play. Some people treat WoW like a job, and some argue WoW is the king of casual. People also played UO casually, and most would agree that was a rather hardcore game. But just like forcing people to play hardcore (EQ), I’ll pass on any game that enforced casual play, however that might be done.

Now I realize I’m taking her list a bit out of context to make my point, but I think the overall point is still valid. We are both MMO gamers, yet we are looking for two completely different games. What interests her drives me away, and very likely the opposite applies (but maybe not?) My question now is, does one game type override the other, or can both exist with a health market share? With the likes of Metaplace and FreeRealms, are we seeing an offspring of the general MMO space, or are MMOs simply evolving, with Myspace-like games replacing the big world big graphics style games of today?

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2 Responses to Offspring or Evolution?

  1. Cuppycake says:

    Alas, you’re not taking into account that this is just ONE type of game that appeals to me. I too like the games like you like. The big grandiose immersive roleplaying experiences, that’s a completely different style of game that I’m equally as into.

    I like variety. I like subscribing to one game that fits the style you enjoy, then I like playing several free-to-play casual games at a time, then some fun games on the 360 as well. I didn’t imply that Free Realms is the PERFECT game for me because it’s exactly what I’m looking for in future MMOs. It’s just one tiny subset of games that I’m into, it sounds different than anything else coming out, and sounds like it would be good for a couple hours a week or something.


  2. krones says:

    You forgot RMT! :) Count me out, but I know gamers want something like Free Realms. I think these aren’t traditional MMOG players per say, but an untapped audience. I’m definitely interested in seeing how well it does.

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