BFG 9600 GT OC = Upgrade. Virus = Downgrade.

My ABS computer, the one replaced by my newer Alienware and now being used by the girlfriend to play WoW, got a video card upgrade recently, going from a faulty 7900 GTX to a new BFG 9600 GT OC. While not entirely a huge performance upgrade, the 7900 GTX was bugging out, creating random screen flickers and other graphic abnormalities. Over less than two years, that’s two 7900 GTX cards that basically burned themselves out, very disappointing. The new 9600 looks impressive though. It’s a sleek, thin card, with a very decent looking heat/fan setup. Not surprisingly, it keeps WoW locked at 60 FPS regardless of what’s on screen at 1440×900, but then most calculators can do that as well. Hopefully for the next year or more I won’t have to think about anything hardware related between the new Alienware and the upgrade to the ABS. Something tells me that won’t actually happen, but one can hope…

In celebration of the new card, that same ABS got a VERY, VERY nasty virus on or around the same day. While the actual name escapes me, the virus changed admin rights, making ctrl+alt+delete impossible. It also changed the desktop to a phony image of some anti-virus software, and constantly had IE start up and show a similar page with the anti-virus software. Even McAfee was no help, since whenever it would try to delete or quarantine the virus the admin rights being changed prevented it. So after an hour or so of trying to figure the damn thing out, I figured what the hell, time to put in the restore DVD provided by ABS and go for a clean install. The computer was long overdue for a wipe anyway, and I guess a crippling virus is as good a motivational tool as you are going to get. I still have no clue how I actually got the virus, but would love to know. The install went well enough thanks to the DVD installing most of the needed drivers for me, and a quick search on the net got me the rest. Amazingly re-installing WoW went faster than I thought it would, as the big 700meg patch downloaded in less than 20 minutes using Blizzards downloader. Overall just to get the system back up and able to play WoW (because really, that’s what counts, right?) took maybe 4-5 hours; the majority of that time was XP doing its thing off the DVD. As with the hardware, hopefully I won’t be doing the whole wipe/install thing anytime soon going forward.

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3 Responses to BFG 9600 GT OC = Upgrade. Virus = Downgrade.

  1. Graktar says:

    My 7900 GT did the exact same thing starting a couple of months ago. The damned thing was only 1 1/2 years old too. I picked up an eVGA 9600 GT to replace it, and while it hasn’t made much of a performance difference, it’s been smooth and problem free. It also has the bonus of being quieter, cooler, and more power efficient. I really need to upgrade my mobo/processor though, I’m still using an old P4 3.2ghz and it’s really gating my system performance.

    I’m also long overdue for a clean re-install, but the thought of re-installing and repatching all the games on my system is too daunting. I’ll pass on the nasty virus though, I don’t need that kind of motivation ;)

  2. Sean says:

    Clean reinstalls are like doing your taxes…you don’t look forward to them, but you know it is necessary…glad you got it back up and running :)

  3. syncaine says:

    Yea having a restore DVD is a huge help with the clean install. Both ABS and Alienware provide them when you get a system.

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