The big Mythic announcement… big eh.

So Mythic made the ‘big three’ announcement today, and it was two bad one meh stuff. Fewer classes, fewer capitals, and Punkbuster.

Fewer classes are a non-issue for me. They ‘removed’ something no one has played with outside of beta. So they took away from nothing, and we are still left with… right, nothing. And even with the removed classes, it’s not like WAR will be lacking in options for a character. I’ve long been a fan of cutting each race down to three, fitting the standard ‘holy trinity’ and giving all three some unique features.

As for the capitals, it’s again a case of taking away something that we never had. And more so than the missing classes, it’s basically guaranteed those cities will eventually be in the game. So what if at launch, when we are all lowbies, we don’t have the OPTION to raid one of three cities. Given all the focus on the two that will be in the game, my guess is those will provide plenty of entertainment once we actually reach the endgame of WAR. I highly doubt they will be a case of ‘one and done’ content.

The Punkbuster thing is cool I guess, whatever it takes to limit the hackers/cheaters is a plus. Hopefully they nail down the compatibility and all that, and Punkbuster is something legit players never have to think or worry about.

What WAS disappointing about the announcement was no date for Open Beta or release. Not that I really expected them, but it would have been nice. But as others have pointed out, cutting features means holding firm on a release date, and I’ll gladly take WAR in October or November with four missing classes than in the summer of 2009.

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6 Responses to The big Mythic announcement… big eh.

  1. JoBildo says:

    I’m still betting strongly on the last week of September. Search my blog’s Warhammer category as to why.

    I actually see the cities like you… and also two cities makes sure the realms are unified in their goal at the end-game level. No one bickering over which city to protect and which to take on, you know?

    I can’t wait for this fall to come… lots of bitching will happen because of this announcement, but it’s all for the better.

  2. syncaine says:

    Great point about the unified point of attack with the cities. I always kinda wondered how that would work with 3. Would the whole server pile into whatever city was close to being sieged?

    Last week of September would be great, and is not a bad bet.

  3. JoBildo says:

    Yeah, the way I see it with the cities, is that they ARE the end-game content in a lot of ways. Having 1 at launch for each side is GOOD. Then putting in the other 2 pairings later will be nice expansion content.

    Even though it’s not what’s advertised… look at it as stuff to look forward to when we’re sick of raiding Altdorf and TIC.

  4. spinks says:

    I’m expecting the date announcement to be later tonight at EAs press conference at E3. I feel similarly about stuff in beta being taken out before I’ve seen it. The things I liked about Warhammer are all still there.

    And I respect that they had the guts to come out with this announcement now.

  5. JoBildo says:

    Release date would be nice to hear tonight, but I expect Mythic themselves would like to announce it. Are they attending said presser themselves?

  6. Micah S says:

    I was very relieved to hear the news actually. It meant two things to me: 1) the stuff they rel;ease will be more polished and 2) they must be close if they are making decisions on what’s going gold.

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