Power to the MMO people!

/begin rant

A good game is one that you enjoy (or enjoyed) playing. You can ‘burn out’ on a good game. (see WoW)

It sounds so simple, yet lately I’ve been reading a whole lot of contradictions in both posts and comments. You don’t think AoC is a good game if you just quit. Point blank, you don’t. It’s too early to be burned out. You can say it has nice features, that you see the potential it has, that you find some aspects of it interesting, but if you stop playing the game, it was NOT a good game for you.

And if you don’t enjoy it (even if you can’t actually explain why), you SHOULD cancel. The only vote MMO gamers have is with the dollar. You vote ‘yes, I support what this company is doing’ whenever you pay a monthly sub, and vote ‘no, your product is not what I want right now’ whenever you don’t. No amount of forum posting, blog bitching (this site included), podcast ranting is going to send as clear a message to a company as you hitting ‘cancel’ on the account page.

Don’t support unfinished games, we are beyond that point now.

/end rant

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11 Responses to Power to the MMO people!

  1. Hudson says:

    Excellent philosophy. I have been following that doctrum since HORIZONS:EMPIRES OF ASTARIA

  2. Bonedead says:

    It took me a while to adopt that philosophy. But now instead of playing and crying I wait until they walk over me a couple of times and THEN I cancel. Baby steps!

  3. Thallian says:

    Very true. In fact its probably the only way some companies listen at all (see Blizzard again) I am pleasantly surprised to see some companies actually listen on forums its certainly not the rule and most of what we sya on blogs, while it may be read by the general public and influence people to subscribe or not subscribe, certainly doesn’t make their decisions for them. As an aside I have just remembered to add you to my blogroll syncaine :P

  4. sid67 says:

    No amount of forum posting, blog bitching (this site included), podcast ranting is going to send as clear a message to a company as you hitting ‘cancel’ on the account page.

    Unless, of course, your intention is to “warn” players away from a game or get them to cancel with you. I agree with the sentiment, but don’t underestimate the power of the internets…

    It’s one thing if you cancel your own subscription, but you get an internet “i-win” card if you can post a rant and influence 10 other people to cancel as well. I think this is one of the dynamics of social multiplayer games. We need/want our friends to play the same games as us, so it somehow takes on meaning to convince others the game is bad as well.

    MMOs hire community managers to try and manage this type of thing from getting out of hand, but I have to think they almost do more damage than good. I find it interesting that EA Mythic simply decided to not have any forums at all for WAR. The reality is that this type of “community outrage” is pretty powerful stuff and usually has a mind of it’s own.

  5. Van Hemlock says:

    Does this work both ways? Can I think a game is bad if I’ve never played myself?

    A philosophical curiosity, rather than particular flamebait

  6. Yeebo says:

    I think it depends on why you quit. I consider CoH to be a good game, but I always get bored with it within a month of subbing. However it is well and trully fun for most of that month. Over the years I’ve certainly gotten my $40 + ($15 one or two random months a year) out of it.

    Not that I don’t think AoC was an abortion of a launch. I certainly do. I agree at least with your sentiment. The slack that some folks are cutting it boggles my mind. “Well yeah it’s a bugged out mess that we’ve all got tricked into paying to beta…but it has so much potential.”


  7. Rog says:

    It may sound tired, but it’s true. I knew dozens of people that quit UO, EQ, WoW, LOTRO and all went back after a few months. Some people don’t go back, I still know some who when WoW comes up as a topic of conversation, they roll their eyes at the MMO nerds, because with the downtime at launch, they pretty much had it overall.

    Maybe from one perspective it just says bad things about the state of this genre, but I do think the expectations are exceptionally high lately. Maybe it’s because they’ve got a few games with some years on their shoulders and still steaming along nicely, in which case I recommend just sticking with those.

    This whole scenario spells a jaded market for upcoming games. =/

  8. Openedge1 says:

    And we can guarantee after todays news, Mythic will also get some fallout from the gamers who expect more.

    WoW has ruined the genre at this point, and no MMO will satisfy 100%. I am about ready to break from the mold myself.
    Play Guild Wars (not a true MMO, yet has social aspects like that, without the job like commitment of an MMO) and single player games like the Witcher, Mass Effect and Devil May Cry…

    At least the disappointment will not be as great!

  9. syncaine says:

    Van Hemlock, a game that fails to entice me enough to even try it has failed in some way as well. It *could* be a good game, but the info about it released clearly failed to raise interest. Vanguard is a good example of that for me. I’m semi-interested in the game, but not nearly interested enough to actually pay for it. I would download a free trial however (something I won’t do for a lot of other games, like Tabula Rasa)

  10. Van Hemlock says:

    Good point. Just thought about your post a bit more and realised I’ve just done exactly what you’re complaining about with my own last TR post. I guess there’s an implication behind an ‘I’ve quit’ post which needs to be taken as read – I did quit TR because I wasn’t enjoying it. I used to though, and would admit that some of my reasons are personal.

    I guess that’s what makes each blog different in tone, and its always interesting to hear each blogger’s own reasons *why*. I can see why a post that has no reasons why, just an ‘I quit, but its still brilliant!’ would be annoying though, yes.

    Just starting in on AoC myself, so look out for the outraged apologist rambling in due course! I do agree with your broader point here though, and never ever pre-order, for exactly the same reasons. Supporting supposedly finished games that acutally aren’t is a bit of a hazy area, but supporting a game that you *know* isn’t finished is a bit daft! That’s what loans and venture capital are supposed to be for!

  11. syncaine says:

    I don’t have quite the same issue with pre-orders as others, like yourself, have. I mean, I know I’m going to pre-order StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3. Not just because its almost a given that they will be quality games, but also because Blizzard has yet to make me regret giving them money, and until they do, they have my trust.

    Similar deal with Mythic based on DAoC.

    And overall, I think my little rant was a bit over-simplified. I mean, if you buy a game and only play it for 20 hours, is that still a ‘good’ game? What about 40 hours? So there is a lot of gray area I guess. Just seeing all the ‘I quit AoC, but the game is great’ posts/comments hit a nerve :)

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