Not the hardest shoes to fill…

If you’re Horde, defending your Relief Hut, and make us spend 10-15 seconds trying to kill you, the rest of your team will be able to support and heal you. And if you do die, you’ll rez at the Relief Hut, fully healed.

If you’re Horde, defending your Relief Hut, and you Sprint away, you won’t do any damage to us – you’re as good as dead – and we’ll start killing your team’s healers. What sounds more tactically advantageous to you?

As Megs preaches: It’s not the Killing Blows that wins matches, it’s the implementation of sound strategy that does. In this battleground, that rogue should have stayed in place and allowed us try to kill him as many times as possible. If we’re killing him, we wouldn’t be nuking the Horde’s healers, which is our favorite thing to do.

The above is from BigRedKitty, a WoW hunter blog which I read even though I quit WoW a while back. Always quality writing with style over there, check it out.

The reason I picked up on that quote should be fairly obvious though. How f’ed up is WoW PvP? I know I’m not breaking any new ground here, but it’s this type of reminder that just so blatantly make WoW PvP look so bad, and leaves a gap a mile wide for Warhammer to fill. Sure taking on WoW as a whole is a tough job, but providing even semi-reasonable PvP should be a cakewalk compared to this.

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6 Responses to Not the hardest shoes to fill…

  1. Mikejl says:

    I think it be great if Blizz dumped ALL the PvP aspects in WoW and focused on great PvE (quests, 5 & 10 man and large raids) and improved crafting (all that gear you got from PvP you could now craft). Let the PvP crowd go over to WAR.
    /end dream

  2. Bonedead says:

    Should be a cakewalk especially for Mythic. Just think about how much PvP data they have collected from just observing DAoC, if they don’t make good PvP it will be like Dunkin Donuts making hockey puck like donuts. In the words of Bob Saget: “That ain’t right!”

    LOL WOW @Mikejl, never thought I’d see someone say that, kudos good sir.

  3. Thallian says:

    @Mikejl The pvp crowd will go to WAR, for sure. I wonder how long they will stay there though. Hopefully we pvp’ers enjoy WAR enough to stay for a good long time. As far as strategy go though I have never seen an MMO require much of what I would term real strategy. In fact few games do that are not turn based because people cannot process strategy very fast, especially if they are just a pawn in the battle. Nobody likes to be a sacrifice.. except me… give me a goblin suicide bomber class with satchel charges plz. :D One big boom, that’s all I want. The old Bungie game Myth was a great pvp experience and when your units were dead you had to wait till the next round or leave the room, just like in Mario kart when you are 1st you have to wait for the others to finish. It works. Really.

  4. syncaine says:

    Haha Thallian, I played Myth and Myth 2. was awesome. I was actually addicted enough to Myth 2 to be ranked #1 for over a month on there. I would play 2v2 with a buddy of mine (he was #3 during my run as #1) on that map with the giant. I controlled the giant, he had the rest, we pwned. Good times :)

    As far as WAR goes, I really hope it is more than just ‘throw yourself into the grinder’ PvP. I trust Mythic it will be though.

  5. Chappo says:

    One of the terrible things about WoW pvp was the fact that it was gear-focused. The guy with the better gear would always win regardless. As a result twinks abounded and destroyed every other noob. I hated this so much that I made one myself. It was so much fun that by the time I quit WoW I had three others. Ah good times, even Alliance twinks ran away form me…..*sniffle*

  6. Ardwulf says:

    No matter how good the WAR PvP is, there will still be bad PvP players.

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