Can Blizzard dig itself out of this hole…

We have a shortage of tanks, how are we going to fix that?

Trick everyone into playing a new tank class.

But people hate tank classes…

Yea but this one will be more fun, have more utility, and will have a fancy ‘hero’ title.

Hmm that sounds unbalanced…

No it’s cool, we will gimp him on the high end, so he can’t dps/tank/heal as well as focused classes, but he will be super fun in that part of the game we no longer view as important, leveling.

Blizzard’s fix to the warrior shortage, make a class that’s more fun to play than the current tank, while not being quite on par in terms of tanking, and make him more solo-friendly. That fixes EVERYTHING…

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12 Responses to Can Blizzard dig itself out of this hole…

  1. Mikejl says:

    I hate to see Bliz nerf DK to make him balanced. Unfortunately PvP will dictate that DK be taking down form its hero status to just another equal class. I agree on giving Warriors the tools to be the best main tank.
    Still I’ll make a DK and really don’t care nerfed or over powered. It’s the RP value of playing one I like and will never will be main tanking big stuff (10 & 25 man) anyway . So for a casual like me it will give me a fun melee class to solo and small group with up to 80. So I’ll still be happy playing one.

  2. Hudson says:

    I stopped playing WoW warriors a long time ago, one of the most frustrating classes ever. And no I was not some Fury cop out warrior that refused to tank.

    Everything about WOTLK screams lame, and I am avoiding it for Warhammer.

  3. Thallian says:

    Ummm, yeah what happens when everyone hits lvl 80 and is trying to max min for raids… I wonder. Prolly people will just roll more warriors :P, grumbling the whole way

  4. sid67 says:

    what happens when everyone hits lvl 80

    They quit out of boredom.

  5. Fortuente says:

    ” … in that part of the game we no longer view as important, leveling.”

    As much as I like the game, this is the main reason I no longer play it. If end game is the focus, why have levels at all? I really wish they would focus on the old world and streamlining it and doing less to encourage the race to endgame. I’ve come to the conclusion it is a systemic flaw.

  6. syncaine says:

    Exactly my point Thallian, you will have a whole slew of DK sitting around begging to be let into a raid, while being told the raid is waiting for a real tank.

    It would not be a huge issue if WoW had something else to offer at 80, but since WoW is ‘rush to cap, raid’, not really the case.

  7. spinks says:

    I think it will replace the tanking shortage with a healer shortage. I suspect that DK tanks will be fine for all the content they need to do. If they can tank heroics while dps specced, that’ll make them very very popular. On par with feral druids.

    The warrior ‘shortage’ is misleading. There’s a shortage of tanks for 5 mans, but anyone who has every tried to get a spot as a raid tank on a protection warrior will know that there are still way way too many people chasing too few spots.

    I suspect DKs will be able to tank anything in the game, like the others can. But there will still be only a couple of spots for them in a 25 man raid. And if they are as popular as we all think, there will be a lot of competition for those spots. That’ll be the actual source of the complaints, I think.

    But what can you do? Supply and demand, etc.

  8. Tobold says:

    I fully agree. I think that at level 80 it is totally possible that we will have MORE tank shortage than we have at level 70. People won’t accept DK as tanks into groups, at least not for heroics, and most warriors went into retirement after playing a Death Knight for a while and asking themselves “why is my warrior not playing like that?”.

  9. Brad says:

    I’ve talked about this same thing with a few guildies and friends of mine in the office and we came to a similar conclusion. I have no desire to buy WOTLK and experience the same thing I did when TBC came out. Just an additional 10 levels of the same, then go raid. Those shiny pixels really don’t mean much to me anymore.

    But you are right on the whole class issue, what happens when you start seeing in chat – LFG – Have 4 DK, need healer. This is one reason when I started back playing EQ2, I rolled a priest class. I knew grouping would not be an issue.

  10. Solidstate says:

    I have a suspicion you are all jumping to conclusions regarding the DK class way too early.

    You can’t judge *now* how well Death-Knights will tank at level 80 when WotLK is released for two main reasons: (1) whatever you’re seeing as a beta tester, is still beta content and will change for sure (2) there are no level 80 DKs yet.

    @Tobold, are you seriously making predictions for a level 80 endgame, for an entire class that is still undergoing massive talent/gear changes, based on a single level 60 instance run? Are you serious? “People won’t accept DK as tanks into groups, at least not for heroics”? Give me a break…

    @Mikejl, “hero class” never meant DKs will be OP compared to other classes. Blizzard have stated this multiple times.

    As for the tank shortage for PuGs.
    Initially there will be a lot more DK tanks available for PuGs at levels 60-70, but since most people will be leveling 70-80, this won’t help the tank shortage there. As for level 80, I’m willing to guess DKs will be quite suitable for normal and heroic instances, which is where the tank shortage is felt. But once again, it’s too early to know anything – *nobody* knows how DKs will shake out at 80 right now.
    I’ll say this though. IMHO a large part of the tank shortage is that many tanks prefer to spec to more PvP viable roles in order to get some *very* good BG and Arena gear. Heck, when I look at the *pve tanking gear* I can get for my brand-new level 70 druid, the best stuff I can get is S2 from BGs and S4 gloves from Arena! This is especially true for warriors and paladins for whom prot spec for PvP is useless. The only reason I personally am not grinding pvp is because I hate it (and I suck at it too ;)).
    Having DKs will help the problem a bit, but making PvE rewards – item drops and token rewards and rep rewards – more attractive, compared to PvP gear, will make a large difference. One can only hope… :)

  11. seriouslycasual says:

    Well wouldn’t the DK have the advantage due to not needing to deal or recieve damage to dish out threat producing abilities? Being able to front load threat as well as not being penalized for overgearing the instance does seem advantageous.

    Haven’t played a DK yet so I could be way off base.

  12. Oakstout says:

    @Solidstate said just about everything I wanted to say, so Ditto

    Second, as a tank, I don’t understand the statement that there is currently a tank shortage, because on my server, Darkspear, I sit in the LFG channel all the time, full prot warrior with Kara gear, and I hardly ever get any invites, and I’m not a bad tank, just a bad blogger. lol

    Course, it could be that Prot Warriors are getting the short end of the nerf stick these days. How can a hybrid class tank better than a full prot warrior? Which is why I don’t think a Hero class tank which is also a hybrid, will get nerfed. They haven’t done it for Pally or Druid tanks, why would they nerf a unique tank class like the DK? I’m sure you see lots of them getting picked over a Prot Warrior.

    Again, a sad state.

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