RvR joy comes in the form of burning death.

Videocard update: (if you are sick of hearing about it, image how sick I am of dealing with it) Went to Best Buy with the 9600GT that was purchased about 2-3 months ago in the hopes of exchanging it. The girl working the return counter gave me some crap about it being beyond 30 days (she was right…) and that I did not have a receipt. Playing dumb, I said all I wanted was to exchange it as that one was faulty (clearly it was), and finally she agreed. Off I go to grab the last 9600GT by BFG Tech, and once back ask if it’s at all possible to get a different model because I don’t want to risk the new one being faulty. She talks to another employee (and this kid had NO clue what was going on, but faked it anyway), he agreed, and back we go to grab a 9800GT by BFG Tech instead of the 9600GT. Price difference was $80 due to the 9600GT being on sale at some point for $150 and not the $180 I paid for it before, and the 9800GT was $229. Sucks to pay a bit more, but I was just glad they were letting me exchange the 9600GT for something else, when they clearly could have said GTFO and had me deal with BFG Tech to send it back for a new one. Got home, put the card in, drivers done, played WAR for about an hour without an issue. Too early to say 100% that the comp is going to play nice now, but so far so good.

Switching computers (the one with the issue is the older one, and hooked up to a 21″ monitor, the newer is my Alienware hooked to the 24″ beauty) I logged in as my warrior priest, and as usual in WAR, RvR was going down. A quick /join, followed by a short flight over to the Dwarf/Greenskin tier 2 area and it was time to get down to business. Casualties of War had a nice sized warband going, sieging a keep as I got there. With minimal resistance, the keep soon fell and our banner went up on the walls.

The group then flew over to Troll Country (Empire T2) and started capping objectives. Slightly more resistance this time, but still not enough to stop us, and soon enough another keep was ours. It’s at this point that things got interesting. More Destruction players were showing up in the RvR area, and for a while they were unorganized small groups that got rolled by our warband. Objectives secured, we turned our attention to the second keep, and noticed it was swarming with Destruction players, both on the walls and in front of the gate. We laid siege, deploying cannons and clearing out the space in front of the gate. It was tough going, as the Destruction players rained death on us from the walls, both with their own siege and with their ranged dps classes. They would also skirmish out from the keep with melee classes, breaking up any momentum we had going on the keep gate.

The back and forth bloodbath lasted for about 30 minutes, at which point the tide looked to be turning in our favor. We had the entire space around the gate cleared, and our ranged dps was doing a good job keeping the enemy on the walls busy. Lacking a ram for the door, myself and 7-8 other CoW members began beating on the keep door, getting it to about 60% in short order. And then we died. Quickly. In the span of about 2-3 seconds, all of us save the Ironbreaker lay dead at the keep door, burning oil covering us. Seems the Destruction players had a trick up their sleeves, and we paid the price. After that moment we never really recovered, and while we kept at the siege for a bit longer, we never managed to get another good push at the gate, let alone take it down.

That single moment, dying rapidly at the keep gate from burning oil, has been the highlight of WAR for me so far. It was just an extremely in-your-face example of RvR, Keep sieges, guild groups, all that stuff working together to make one of those amazing MMO moments. Right after it happened, instead of hitting release and running back, I just looked at the screen, the bodies laying around me, the siege in the background still firing away, the Destruction players on the walls raining death, and the keep door defiantly still standing. Pure MMO awesome.

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4 Responses to RvR joy comes in the form of burning death.

  1. JoBildo says:

    You joined too late! We got our asses handed to us at first in Barak Varr, but resurged when Aggressio and Candymancers, as well as White Wolf Clan join in.

    For what it’s worth, no issues last night on my end after installing the most recent (8/26) beta nVidia drivers. But hey, 80 bucks for a brand new 9800? Hell yes!

  2. syncaine says:

    Yea I tried those drivers as well, no luck for me though.

    And yea, I logged on later than usual, so I was jumping in halfway. Still an amazing half.

  3. Ixliam says:

    I got a bit of revenge in for you earlier.. I deployed a cannon and took out their oil pots and trebuchets they kept putting up. I did find it interesting that while I would destroy their items, they wouldn’t put one up and fire at me, they just kept trying to shell our players. This was absolutley the most fun I’ve had in any MMO, hands down.

  4. WNxSoapdish says:

    This I believe is the battles ur refering 2, gg

    -Warrior Nation

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