More Witching fun, this time in Tier 3.

Night two of Warhammer’s event started off disappointingly, as tier 2 was completely empty, and no amount of goading would get Order to come out and play. I would mention how being on a low pop server sucks, but that is being fixed today thanks to the server transfers.

Checking in with the guild, it seemed that tier 3 had some action going, and since we were all rank 20 or 21, we technically could fly over and participate. I saw technically because I was worried we would simply be fodder due to our lower ranks (tier 3 caps out at rank 31) Luckily, my fears soon subsided, and we all found ourselves more than capable thanks to the bolster mechanic, which buffed our stats up to rank 28.

The battle in tier 3 waged back and forth, as the Order players would fall back among their warcamp guards (who one shot you if you catch agro), wait for a few uninformed Destruction players to die from the guards, and then charged our remaining group. Destruction outnumbered the Order players, but only slightly, so we still had some good battles. The PQ was up, and from 1 to 100 both sides remained within a few kills of each other, the lead changing hands many times. At around 90/85 Destro, we regrouped and planned a final, decisive push to finish the last 10 kills and secure the PQ. Luckily for us, Order was game, and both groups meet on neutral ground. After an impressive fight with losses on both sides, we got our 10th kill and completed phase one of the PQ. A quick regroup later, we found the giant demon patrolling the RvR zone, took him down, and finished the PQ. I was lucky enough to finish first and received a gold bag, from which I pulled the Bloodletter mask. Score.

So after the slow start, we ended up with quite an eventful RvR experience, earning a good bit of xp and renown, plus some nice item upgrades thanks to the corpse drops. Now it appears our time on Thorgrim is coming to a close, and we will soon be residents of the Monolith server. With my main gripe about WAR being addressed (low pop server), I’m looking forward to the new server and the RvR it will bring.

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  1. H00LiGAN says:

    So Monolith is official then? Guess I have some boxes to pack this weekend.

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