Warhammer has 500k active subs, bored WoW players return.

Using yesterdays (Sunday, Dec 7) data, WoW is played by 104,255 Xfire users. WAR is played by 4,686. Blizzard reports that WoW has about 11,000,000 active accounts.

11,000,000 / 104,255 = X / 4,686

Fancy kids math….

WAR has 500k active subs.

Its official, Xfire never lies!

Along the same vein, Sunday was also the first day WAR had more hours played on a specific day compared to that same day the previous week, indicating the subscriber bleed has stopped. Tobold hit 80 this weekend. This officially means most WoW players hit 80, got bored, and returned to WAR.

In other news, Silk Road Online is the 3rd most played MMO, behind WoW and GW. This is further evidence that Xfire never lies.

edit: Because I know at least ONE person on the interwebs is going to take this out of context, the post is poking fun at people who use Xfire as the holy bible of a games success, or as any official indicator of a games popularity.

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21 Responses to Warhammer has 500k active subs, bored WoW players return.

  1. Talyn says:

    Even if I’m correct in who that “one person on the interwebs” might be, even he uses Xfire more as metrics and indications of trends, just like 360voice.com is used to show Xbox 360 metrics and trends even though the entire 360 playerbase does not use the service. Xfire does show a slice of the population, whether they’re dedicated MMORPGers or not. And I do seem to recall CoW recommending Xfire to keep in touch with everyone…

  2. Tipa says:

    We use Xfire to keep in touch in Nostalgia as well.

  3. gerbil says:

    Woohoo! and if you sample the next week…you can extrapolate over time and determine who will actually win!! I winz at maths.

  4. sifo says:

    What’s xfire?

  5. Manasi says:

    Haha your post made me laugh. Thanks for the humor!.

  6. Bonedead says:

    So Syncaine, I was wondering, when are we gonna make man babies together?

  7. Swift Voyager says:

    Good morning!

    Just out of curiosity, since CCP releases their subscriber numbers, how do the x-fire numbers for Eve compare? Does your joke math actually work if you plug in Eve’s numbers? It would be really funny if it did.

  8. syncaine says:

    For yesterday (Monday, the slowest gaming day for xfire) EVE had 3,311 players playing according to xfire. EVE has about 250,000 active subs. It ranks #21 for overall time played. If we redo the formula, we get:

    11,000,000 / 91,765 = 250,000 / 3,311

    119.87 = 75.51

    All meaningless, but those are the numbers.

  9. Hmmm, the turnaround coincides with me installing Xfire to track my WAR time.


  10. syncaine says:

    Given the amount you play, no, not a coincides. Somehow I know you have figured out a way to get more than 24 hours playing in a single day, you bastard.

  11. What, you mean everyone doesn’t have access to their own TARDIS?

  12. Mikejl says:

    Of course statistics never lie. …
    The top 95% of all posts from players who said they do 50% game time in MMOs say that xfire is probably 80% correct.
    .. see.

    (nice one Syn ..lol)

  13. Ysharros says:

    “What, you mean everyone doesn’t have access to their own TARDIS?”

    No, I lent mine to Brad McQuaid and the bastard still hasn’t given it back.

  14. Swift Voyager says:

    What I meant was this:

    250,000/3311 = X/4686

    X=353,820 WAR players

    The survey I did recently on a forum, where I asked people if they read forums or not, showed a startling 100% rate of forum use. It’s hard to believe that EVERYONE uses forums these days, but numbers don’t lie.

  15. syncaine says:

    Mixing magical numbers now :)
    Monday’s WAR player count is 4,047, need to use that if we are doing a comparison to EVE.

    So we get 305,572 WAR accounts. More/less meaning?

  16. Swift Voyager says:

    Well, now you can take the average between the two and you end up with WAR subscription at 400 K (+/- 100K).

    However, I’m not quite sure why the number of subscriptions in WAR is important to anyone who doesn’t work for or invest in Mythic/EA?

  17. brent says:

    Accurate or not, these numbers speak volumes. If WAR had, say, a showing of 20 or 30 thousand on XFire, we’d be seeing other signs of a true WoW-competitor. Clearly, we’re not. What we’re seeing is a LotRO competitor.

    I think we’ve seen our shadow, we can crawl back in the hole until TOR releases now. :)

  18. syncaine says:

    And yet very far from DOA eh? They set out to be #2, they hit that mark.

    And the only MMO that can challenge WoW is something that caters to the lowest denominator, both in tech and design. For our sake, lets hope that TOR is not that game.

  19. brent says:

    Well, for me, still pretty blah, but the numbers are far from embarrassing … as predicted. Though, I actually did think they’d do better than this.

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