Potential return to Life is Feudal MMO?

Quick note: We might be heading back to Life is Feudal MMO. The game recently released a major update, which among other things includes a new massive map (everyone on basically one ‘server’ ala EVE), offline training (EVE), vulnerability windows for holdings (EVE), some new PvE content, and a bunch of other changes.

I don’t know how this return will look honestly. I personally have a LOT less time right now, as I can’t semi-afk play during the day while working from home. That said, our core knows the base game, so we don’t need as much initial time to invest to make progress. Also I think our goals will be simpler; we want to see the new content, progress through the game again, and see what happens. Ideally we align with another, larger guild, and get PvP content via them.

This isn’t an official announcement of our return, but more of a heads up and to again judge interest from former players and potentially new readers. What I can say is that I like a lot of the changes they had made to the game (on paper), and the base game itself was fun with a ton of potential. Maybe some of that potential is finally being realized?

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6 Responses to Potential return to Life is Feudal MMO?

  1. Jonneh says:


    My guild is set up in server 3, there is quite a few guilds down here and what looks like the start of an alliance, no idea how that is going to turn out.

    If you end up down here I’ll be able to come help you on my main characters, happy to plant an alt in your guild as well though wherever you set up.

    • SynCaine says:

      Depending on how many people we get, and what people want to do, its possible we may just join a guild (if yours is cool and recruiting, that might be a fit). Part of the fun is running the guild, but its also more work/time. If the approach people want is more laid back, maybe we all just go with the flow and be line members in a guild.

      BTW how are the Chinese so far? As bad or worse as they were originally?

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is a US guild to our south our guild leader is friendly with and we should be forming an alliance with, could join them if you want people active in your time zone, no reason you won’t be able to join us though.

    No idea about the Chinese it’s still really early days. EU guilds are generally a lot more organised than US ones though so I think they will be able to fight them off a lot better. The guild I am in is composed of gloria victis players (and some of the top ones from that) so should be good in a rumble.

    So much has changed. You can only plant certain crops in certain zones, also trees randomly die when planting them and you can only get sprouts at certain times of the year. As I mentioned in discord, the monument costs are really high for a small guild now as well (although manageable). You also need rare materials to make even the half decent weapons.

    Generally the difficulty has been ramped up everywhere and you are going to have to trade to get ahead (some resources only appear on opposite sides of the world which took me 8 hours of constant running to get across about 3/4 of).

    You currently have a month of premium subscription ticking down, may as well update and have a gander.

    • SynCaine says:

      I tried getting in on the new server with an old character but never connected (because of course), although that was like day one or so of the new server. Will try again either tonight or sometime soon.

      With things being more difficult (taking more time), it sounds like we are best joining a guild, either yours directly or the US guild if the timezone thing is a bigger issue.

  3. Alistair says:

    I’m in. I cant explain it but becoming a lvl 100 forester was one of my greatest gaming accomplishments. Not quite like becoming a pre-CU jedi in SWG… but close.. not really though.

  4. House massen says:

    Hey, if you guys come back, we are in server 118. We were house massen on Telmun which was just south of u guys. Called Adder Party on Godenland. Hit us up. All US players Eastern time zone.

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