SW:TOR and RMT, awesome!

Well we can officially move on from this potential MMO baby jesus, looks like SW:TOR is going to have RMT. Sweet, I can’t wait to afk grind sci-fi foozles while chugging $5 xp potions  wearing my $10 hot pink R2D2 suit.

Decent MMO gaming, coming to a niche near you!

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10 Responses to SW:TOR and RMT, awesome!

  1. Gorefang says:

    I want to buy a light saber that is the size of a Folgers can. I can put in a few extra hours at work to pay for it!

  2. unwise says:

    Before the rumours get too far out of control, EA have since distanced themselves from these comments. We should assume at this stage that the business model for SWTOR is still very much up in the air.

  3. syncaine says:

    Why would he mention RMT if there are no plans for RMT? They don’t want the news out, but you don’t just mention something like that if there are no plans for it.

    Plus you generally design RMT from the ground up (unless you are SOE), so it’s very likely already in the workings of the game.

  4. skarbd says:

    Sometimes a company will throw a rumour out, to see what kind of feedback they get. Use it to guage the reaction. Sometimes they use it “leak” out, let it blow over and give the general populace plenty of time to get used to the idea.

    I have to agree with syncaine. If you want this micro transaction model to work, then you need work it in early into the design.

  5. Herc says:

    Isn’t the cost of the game + monthly fees enough already? >_<

  6. tenfoldhate says:

    Just read on Massively that this was a nasty rumor. I’ll have a hearty chuckle if the game goes the way of RMT though.

    Jawa robes: $5.
    R4D4 Droid: $20.
    Nerdrage from legions of brainwashed Lucas fans sinking all their MMO hopes and dreams into SW:TOR: Priceless.

  7. Micah S says:

    I like how they update to deny everything (and anything) in a way that makes you certain that it is 100% true.

  8. Swift Voyager says:

    “This is not the MMO you’re looking for”

  9. Tesh says:

    Actually, if they go with a GW or similarly chunked RMT model, SWTOR is exactly the MMO I’m looking for. ;)

  10. Alan says:

    If it avoids the regular montly fee then it’s not a total pointless waste of time. I’d rather pay as I go than pay $X per month.

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