WAR alts update.

Having just reached tier 2 on our Choppa and Black Orc alts, now would be a good time for some initial thoughts on our second trip through the WAR leveling game. Both classes are radically different than our two previous ones, the Disciple of Khaine and Witch Elf. The Choppa is more melee AoE focused compared to the WE single target damage, and the Black Orc is clearly tougher than the DoK, while lacking the utility and healing. Still, the Choppa/BO combo has allowed us to complete all ‘easy’ PQs, and with just one additional player we are able to complete the ‘normal’ PQs.


Speaking of PQs, the current easy/normal/hard setup, along with PQs always being visible on your map (no need to find them), makes running the correct PQ much easier and accessible. When it’s just the two of us, we know we can knock out the easy PQ without trouble. Should someone join us during that time, we can transition to the normal or hard PQ (depending on who joins and how many). These minor improvements go a long way to improving the PvE aspect of WAR, as its now easier than ever to level at a good pace without having to complete a single quest, while still seeing some of the better and more unique PvE content.


Along with running PQs, we have been queuing for the occasional scenario, which are still great content. I was somewhat surprised that the new Slayers and Choppas did not dominate the early levels, but I think the combination of new classes and the free trial means plenty of new players are trying all classes. Seeing many players without a guild tag backs this up, most alts are tagged to the mains guild since players want to keep in contact with their guild mates on an alt. Open RvR is also fun in T1, especially the Empire/Chaos pairing, which always has something going on. The simplified combat due to the lower level characters is a nice break from T4.


Overall we are really enjoying our second trip through WAR. The Choppa is a great class, allowing you to morph between a semi-tough melee guy and a glass cannon of death. The Black Orc of course is a nice compliment, being able to taunt away mobs and draw fire in PvP. More as we progress.

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  1. Hiryu02 says:

    Good to know you are still playing WAR, with all the DF news I was under the impression that you were concentrating on DF for a while.

    But yeah, the new Easy PQs are great, and I agree with actually having them on the map before you need to “discover” them. Another new detail I noticed is that if you open the map and mouse over the chapter hubs, it will give you an approximate level range for that chapter. Which is nice to know as it gives you a better idea of how fast you are leveling through content.

  2. Yeebo says:

    Both playing one and playing against them, I though Black Orcs bordered on OP when I played WAR near launch. Decent melee damage and can take take an absolutely insane pounding. It takes a ton of focus fire to bring one down. Only the IB really seemed able to go toe to toe with them (which is perhaps as it should be).

    A fun class regardless.

  3. Coppertopper says:

    One thing that really improved the levelling for me was to always be in a chapter that is designed for 2 levels above me. My firs time at WAR (release month) I was bored silly with pve because the level quests I was doing were all exactly at my level. So all I did was kill green mobs which was about as challenging as playing Bejeweled. Jumping to a chapter higher then the ones Mythic suggests for your level range made pve a little more tolerable.

    But yes – PQs are about perfect with the 3 difficulties now. The only letdown i’ve found when running hard PQs with the CoW guildies is that they don’t always drop at least 1 blue bag. We did a 5 step hard PQ in dwarf chpt 12 twice back to back to see all green bags both times. Obviously some fine tuning is needed still.

  4. skarbd says:


    I agree completely, the secret is to be killing mobs, equal to or greater than my characters level.

    Bearing this in mind, I have stuck to one racial pairing only doing quests, skipping the PQs unless a quest sent to one. I haven’t really come close to capping out my influence yet. Avoided all ORvR as well. Though used the scenarios a lot, since they allow me to fight without having to hunt for people to kill.

    Though I would say, that I play with a lot of rested xp.

  5. pitrelli says:

    So the real question is you a WAR tourist or a Darkfall tourist?

  6. Einherjer says:

    Hey Pitrelli, that debacle is so last week.

  7. pitrelli says:

    I beg to differ einherjer, I seem to see a ‘Tourist post’ every week on syns blog.

  8. Damage Inc says:

    pitrelli, try learning the definition of what a WoW tourist is before you comment. Your statement just shows how ignorant you are.

  9. pitrelli says:

    Why dont you dry your eyes Damage, I was merely having a bit of banter

    However I didnt realise there was a final definition of ‘WoW Tourist’ or is it only included in the ‘Im so hardcore at gaming’ pvp handbook? Me being a WoW carebear I dont get to read that ;)

  10. NBarnes says:

    I don’t know where you’ve been playing. My T1 archmage fights 33 to 45% choppas every game. And they always top the damage charts, doing 30 – 50% more than the slayers. It’s kinda crazy. I dunno if they balance out in the higher tiers, but in T1, choppas are crazy.

  11. syncaine says:

    At this point Pitrelli, short of drawing you a picture (with neon of course), I don’t know how else to try and explain WoW tourists to you and all the other trolls. Even if you had the PvP handbook, I doubt your superb reading comprehension would allow you to get much out of it.

  12. pitrelli says:

    Boo Hoo

    A troll now? hmm thats a new one.

    Cant handle a bit of fun thrown your way syn? Not so hardcore after all it seems.

    Oh and Id prefer the neon picture to the mess of some of your darkfall shots…. boxing in an enemy using a wall… thats some hardcore tactics there

  13. Krosuss says:

    My main is a Bright Wizard and with that character, my first excursion into the MMOsphere. I’ve been playing WAR since its launch. It was an enjoyable experience and continues to be now that I’m R40 … except for Tier 3. Longest Tier of my LIFE! Glad Mythic fixed that XP issue as my first ALT went through T3 at a much quicker pace.

    I really enjoy the game and currently run 3 regular ALTs (WP, KOTBS, IB). Going back through the Empire zones was quite nostalgic and felt like “home” to me. Ah, Grimmenhagen. It’s sad how quickly T1 zooms by as there’s a lot of fun there. My goal is to experience each race’s zones from 1-40 as it’s a different experience. Running different classes is also fun as it changes the way I play. I started off as a bad RDPS in that I kept trying to get close rather than hanging back and doing my job. I finally figured it out.

    I’ve also rolled some Destro ALTs to get their side of the fence. Playing Order for so long it felt strange but soon it was just other people enjoying the game just with different toons, different gripes, and different dynamics. The game is fun but the quests do get routine. Not sure how to spruce this up.

    Happy leveling the second time through …

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