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The DarkFall forums are a near endless source of entertainment. The clan discussion section is basically one giant game of “who can tell the most lies about in-game activities”, a section generally dominated by the Goons in there “anti-zerg” crusade. That’s right, the Goons, sticking up for the little guy. Bit of a hard sell when your motto is “we have more players than you have ammo to kill”, but whatever you say. While it’s not quite up to the standard of COAD in EVE, it’s still good times.

On the other hand, you have the short bus section of the forums, general discussion. Scattered between “look at me” attention-whore posts and “the sky is falling” idiots, you find gems like this:

I would have liked to play DF but im not a big clan fan, and since I never got out of the macro stage I really could not do much. I could see a game being macro dependent for a while like to build magic or some basic skills but after macroing MM and heal for DAYS AND DAYS and not really seeing any benifit i said c ya dark fall.

So many levels of fail, so little said. On the one hand, you have the general issue of trying to solo DF, which unless you really enjoy a major challenge, is not going to work. But even before that, the mentality of a ‘macro stage’ is just ludicrous. I mean there is ‘players grinding out the fun’ and then there is this. After macroing for ‘days and days’ and NOT SEEING A BENEFIT, instead of actually playing the damn game the player quits. The game just told you, very clearly, “you don’t have to grind skills to play”, and the player interprets that as a reason to quit.

Yes skill gain helps, and characters with exploited skill levels have a noticeable advantage over those who play legit, but unless you are going heads-up against the exploiters, lower skill levels really don’t limit what you can do. I can now solo a few mobs I originally could not, I hit a bit harder with a weapon, and have more utility available to me with magic. Noticeable progression, but not even close to the power inflation of going 1-80 in WoW, or even going from greens to epics at 80 itself. Add into all this that any character can use any item, and that player skill is a more dominant factor than either gear or character skills, and it would seem to be very difficult to image why some people obsess over the numbers in a game like DarkFall. It would, if we did not know the majorities first MMO. In that light, it almost makes sense.

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  1. Jimmay says:

    I made the same argument about the macroing in Darkfall being less of an impact than getting rolled by 80’s on a PvP server in WoW. He didn’t see it.

    On a much better note, I had that conversation with him after I mentioned successfully purchasing the game from my phone, as the website was blocked from work.

    Downloading now, should be ready to go for the weekend. Yay!

  2. Beau says:

    Short bus reference: Two Words.

    WoW references: Two sentences.

    Usage of Popular Internet Terminology: Two words.

    Blending perfectly in the crowd of annoying PvP kids: PRICELESS.

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  4. Wickidd says:

    My clan has a no macro policy. We have chosen to play the game as intended. It really sucks when one naked player, whom has obviously macroed/exploited, rolls into our town and kills 3 of our clan members.

    The subject of afk macroing is now up for debate in our clan. I am against it. I have always chosen to honor the rules of any game I have ever played, and I have always surrounded myself with like minded individuals. That being said, we do not fair too well against archers that are hitting us for 46 damage per pop in the front.

    It really seems that the gap between us and the clans that choose to macro skill-ups, increases daily. To be perfectly honest, this issue has had a strong negative effect on the fun factor, of this game, for me.

    Aventurine has made empty threats towards those that have taken a less honorable path in Darkfall. While I take “getting rolled” with a grain of salt, I wish that Avent would follow up on their threats to even the playing field a bit.

  5. willee says:

    @Beau- you should know “annoying”, you wrote the book on it.

  6. Paragus says:

    I have yet to macro or even use one of those auto-click things. As a result, my stats and skills are noticeably lower than a lot of others, yet my kill to death ratio is very good.

    In a fair fight against some people who have, I would no doubt be at a disadvantage. But this is Darkfall, not yahoo checkers or Call of Duty, and you should seldom find yourself in a “fair fight”. If you do, it is probably the result of poor planning and a failure to quickly analyze a situation as one you should not be involved in. Darkfall rewards those who play smarter, not harder.

  7. Bonedead says:

    Hey stop making fun of WoW!

  8. João Carlos says:

    I think the devs are slowly trying to solve the macroing problem, making more dificult over time.

    But I think it will be solved only when they make magic and bow and melee skill ups only happen when linked to damage.

    By the way, I think macroing is dishonest.

  9. Centuri says:

    From what you write it seems that the only way for solo player advancement IS to set your character up to macro skills. If solo players are going to face gangs of PK, then it would only make sense that they prepare themselves to always be fighting at a disadvantage, whether that be tactically or numerically.

    If you don’t join a guild within hours of play, do you have nothing to look forward too but farming goblin camps and dodging PK?

  10. Eyeball says:

    I don’t see why anyone would want to go solo in DarkFall…

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