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Amazon Games Studio is already dead

Amazon Game Studios (AGS) is dead before it even released their first game. How do I know this? Because they signed John “After EQ1 everything I touch burns to the ground, with each failure burning faster then the one before” … Continue reading

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SOE: All of the great MMOs are F2P, like…?

Dave “Doctor Creepy” Georgeson, fresh of his “MMOs should live on forever, so we are shutting down four SOE MMOs!” declaration, is back trying to cram more foot into his mouth, this time trying to defend the minor league MMO … Continue reading

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Current SOE is a time capsule from 1999

Just wanted to get this down so others can keep an eye out on this trend; current day people from SOE talking is like listening to someone talk about MMOs in 1999. First we had Smed pondering if maybe player-driven … Continue reading

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SOE is going to pleasantly surprise you because they are SOE

Oh Smed. The guy knows he works for SOE right? The “we haven’t done anything right since EQ1” studio? The studio that NGE’ed SWG probably shouldn’t be trying to get people back by reminding them of that, especially since the … Continue reading

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SOE: Still a one-hit wonder

Shocking. SOE continuing to show that if you get one MMO right (EQ1), you can basically screw up everything for the next decade and still be ok. But don’t worry SWG fans, SOE is working on a title just for … Continue reading

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The long list of mass market MMOs that everyone is playing

So if you did not pick up on the fact that yesterday’s post was a long-winded setup to tell you that EVE is the best MMO ever, you are either new here or not paying attention. Also if you are … Continue reading

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Preying on the weak

I have a friend who is in the 1%. No, not the Occupy nonsense, but the 1% of F2P players that spend a silly amount of money in the cash shop. He is the guy who buys up every DLC … Continue reading

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SOE: Because someone has to make Blizzard look good

I’m not one to kick someone when they are down… but this is pretty hilarious. Let me rephrase what SOE was trying to say: Dear not-really-valued money-source, Due to our technical incompetence, we kinda gave the internet your personal info, … Continue reading

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I have a great pre-order offer for you!

Tell me if you’ve heard this before: Subscription MMO hypes pre-orders with exclusive content, early access, special bonuses, rainbow sherbet, etc. Beta is still under NDA and although all of the hype and writing still talks about 100s of features, … Continue reading

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F2P model in the US: Putting nails in its own coffin

Back in the early days of the “F2P revolution”, the biggest challenge for the average MMO gamer was trying so sift through the hundreds of terribad titles to find the one or two semi-decent (for a ‘free’ game) titles to … Continue reading

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