Guess the asshole.

Every once in a while, we all pull a Eurogamer and get our facts wrong. It happens, most people apologize, no big deal. Sometimes, for whatever reason, we defend a company and help support their bullshit, going so far as to create misleading examples to further the cause. In most cases, others will point out the error, especially when its rather black and white in the case of technology and when plenty of examples exist of this already being possible. Hey, we all have a bad week every now and again.

But even on the worst of days it takes a special kind of person to insult a small company and their generous supporters when they go out of their way to donate to charity. We call those people assholes. Never mind that once again you got your facts wrong, never mind the fact that you feel personally threatened by an online playstyle so much so that you ban its mention from your site, and never mind that instead of actually owning up to the mistakes, you instead abuse your power and try to filter out those trying to correct you. That’s all fine, it’s your little place on the Internet. But come on, taking cheap shots at a charitable gesture to further some petty vendetta you hold? Classy, real classy.

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  1. Sightless says:

    You better be careful Syncaine… or you may wind up as the infamous ‘blogger-who-must-not-be-named’ =P

  2. evizaer says:

    That was a pretty zany post (the one you’re talking about). I wrote a comment about the meaning of journalistic integrity and how to professionally deal with redactions and error correction. They were deleted and the most minor of corrections was made. I backed off because there’s no use trying to argue when even relatively well-reasoned (and even, at times, laudatory) comments will be deleted.

    The funny part was that a post was left undeleted basically saying that I was trying to “ruin [the] blog” which is, well, outright wrong. I was setting out the standard practice for how you deal with the kind of thing that the post in question did: insulting a lot of people (and a game that has done nothing wrong in this affair as far as I can see) and basically telling off a charity.

    It’s just a lack of professionalism. I know the blogger in question doesn’t get paid to do what he’s doing, but if he wants to be taken seriously, he has to step up his level of professionalism.

    And he’s been making a number of abstract posts that show, well, a general lack of understanding of what he’s talking about. But that is debatable.

    I’m with you on this one, Syn.

  3. Snafzg says:

    Is it really too hard for someone to post a link? :P

  4. Wyrm says:

    …not worth it, Syn :)

  5. Chris says:

    No, it is worth it. Tobold’s tone, focus and direction as of late have taken a sharp turn in contrast to what he has written in the recent past.

    The deletion of mine and Syncaine’s comments is nothing but juvenile in this case. Heck, he is the one who quoted Godwin for christs sake, only to end up pulling this heavy handed stuff?…gimme a break.

    Neither of us used profanity and addressed factual errors in this latest post of his, nothing egregious according to his on TOS. He has been caught 3 different times in almost as many days, with his pants down and egg on his face, and instead of humbly eating crow, he lashes out at his reader base who has been loyal to him for years.

    Fortunately, I could see this coming and made copies of his website prior to the heavy handed editing for archiving purposes in case he decides to conjur up any more wild spins as related to the facts as -he- perceives them.

  6. Frank says:

    I’ve never really believed in deleting comments unless they were completely deplorable or if they were approved by me and my quick mouse finger, only to find out it’s a link to monkey wax being sold. D’oh!

    At my blog, where the sun shines 24 hours a day, I take negative commentary and corrections in stride. I’m not much for online fisticuffs and shots across the bow, though.

  7. xorakis says:

    Tobold has this ‘it’s never my fault’ type of attitude,and I don’t think that will ever change. He turns a little situation with some misinformation, where a sorry and correction would fix the whole problem, into a huge mess by trying to justify his mistakes. Not only does he fail at persuading anyone to his side he just comes off as an asshole.

  8. Beau Turkey says:

    You should talk to his employer and….oh wait.

    It’s not journalism. It’s some guys with some blogs.


  9. nick says:

    Drama queens.

    Give it a break, you don’t like his blog, don’t read it.

    People who call other people out for their writing style because they hurt your feelings about a game they mention…I call those people assholes.

    He was wrong about something on a blog? Oh jesus, someone fire up the presses and cry about it as much as possible. It’s going to ruin the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people!

    Uh oh, you like a game he doesn’t, and he makes an incorrect claim about it that he corrects later? Cry and write on your own blog calling him an asshole. Now you’re the winner!

    But don’t forget that you come off looking like an asshole too. Bloggers who cry and complain like a bitch about another blogger is rather sad and pathetic.

    Call someone an asshole, and it must mean you aren’t one! Congratulations!

  10. Chris says:


    I appreciate your view, but in order for the context of what I pointed out, in a very professional and tactful manner to be seen, one would have to view the post as it was originally made by Tobold and the comments that he felt the need to delete. But alas, that’s not possible now with his method of rewriting the topic to hide his faux pas, along with the deletion of the supposed offending comments.

    What was said was not profane, nor was it insulting in any way. If, as a writer, even on a blog, a person misrepresents facts to bolster their point, there is no integrity in that whatsoever, Blogger, Journalist, or otherwise. Where I come from we call people that use these kind of tactics bullshit artists, flim flam men, snake oil salesmen..ect. It’s akin to someone peeing on your boots and trying to convince you that it’s raining. Tobold just simply got called out for his antics/missteps of the past few days, he then quoted Godwin of all things and then proceeded to censor those who disagreed with him.

    I’m not even a fan of the games that were addressed in his recent faux pas, nor am I a non-fan(hater) of either. For the past 2 years I’ve read his blog without ever feeling that he has misreprsented factual data for reasons of spin, but the past week has been nothing short of significant in terms of this.

    Censorship: the suppression of speech or deletion of communicative material which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient.

    Sounds like censorship to me. I wish him well with his blog, but he showed a side of himself yesterday that, banned or not, will prevent me from ever reading his blog with the same sense of worth that I had just a few days ago.

    Syncaine, I apologize for using your blog to have my say about this. Feel free to delete or edit my posts as you see fit. This is my last post on the matter.

  11. amara says:

    i read tobold’s blog for about 2 years. i noticed he cannot take public criticism well.

    the banning of anonymous commenter and now the banning of people with different opinions.. before long the comment section will be filled with tobold ass kisser (theres lot of them)..

    i guess tobold’s physical body live in western europe but his mind live in eastern europe.

    hail comrade tobold

  12. evizaer says:

    Why did Tobold rise to popularity? Did he just catch WoW on the way up? Was he in a popular guild that got the word of his blog out?

    I’m curious because I’ve never been particularly impressed with his posting. His volume, though, means that he says something worth reading, even if it’s one sentence in a five paragraph post, a couple times a week.

    Not trying to insult Tobold, just curious.

    • syncaine says:

      This week aside, Tobold’s stuff is usually quality, and he is consistent with it. That over a long time grows your audience. Perhaps this week did reveal one flaw of Tobolds, but just because he made an unwise post does not mean his whole blog is now unworthy. Hell I still read Keen’s blog and find it entertaining, and at the end of the day that’s all this is about.

  13. slurms says:

    I was wondering the same thing evizaer…again, not as an insult to him, but I read far better stuff that hardly gets any comments and I wonder why. I sometimes assume its due to posts that seem to be made to piss people off and get conversations started. Doesnt take alot of inspired writing to get people angered.

    • pummra says:

      Aren’t we talking about blogs here? MMO Blogs, at that? People really need to lighten up.


      I don’t know for sure, but I imagine its just like most. You need the right person to catch the right post and link to you in some way. Like the BBC, for instance, then you get to hang out and look cool long after you have anything interesting to say. ;)


      People don’t care about good stuff. They want hard opinion, and often objectionable opinion. Honestly they could care less about well-written, incisive commentary. It’s all about hooks, and those hooks are often controversial. Like railing about WoW every other post, for instance.

      • slurms says:

        I agree, blogs are all about peoples opinions, and yes they can be objectionable, but I guess I care to spend my time reading constructive, well written opinions. If a person runs a blog, I figure they give at least half a crap, but if it seems like they are just saying things to stir the pot, I’ll move on.

  14. People should stop treating the majority of blogs as journalistic news outlets.

    • evizaer says:

      When they act like news outlets, I’ll treat them like news outlets. If Tobold didn’t make posts about facts in MMORPG news, I wouldn’t expect him to get his facts about these happenings right.

      Acting like a child, regardless of how much of a journalist he may or may not be, is still equally silly and unproductive.

  15. dude says:

    hmm, i would guess the asshole would be you! Seriously though, get a grip on reality. You come across as juevenile and assinine. You attack his blog for the same shit you do on yours except yours is much worse. Delete this and then lets see your fans bitch about deleting comments.

    • evizaer says:

      I don’t think the people who read this blog would care much, honestly. Syncaine posts incisively and acts like a jerk, it’s kinda his shtick. I expect him to let more fly than Tobold, though, but if he started censoring this stuff (though it would not make any sense considering the way he acts and what he’s said) I would just laugh at it and keep reading; same as how I reacted to what Tobold did.

  16. amara says:

    its funny how tobold ass kisser trolling this site..

    tobold’s blog isnt better than syc or beau or ixobelle’s , but i feel a certain kind of holier-than-thou vibe on tobold’s part. with other mmo blog there’s no pretention or hypocrisy, they just tell it all with their own style, in tobold’s blog i feel there’s a facade as tobold hide his real self, which sometimes exploded and we see the angry / ugly tobold.

    its sad really, tobold need to have more humility and his latest post confirm his arrogance and holier than thou attitude , at least for me..

    banning anonymous commenter is one, but banning fellow mmo blogger over differing opinion ? thats low (as if using the name ‘tobold’ is not anonymous ??)

  17. Chris F says:

    I gave Tobold an award – comparing him to Jim Rome. He never has an opinion that is out there, or interesting, but does represent the “popular” opinion. Hell, Jim Rome calls his own followers ‘clones’, which is pretty much on par with Tobold’s loyal followers. That isn’t an insult by any means.

    He gets over a million hits, but doesn’t provide anything new or revolutionary to MMO blog topics – just the same old rehashed ideas. That following he has is impressive though, and hence, the Jim Rome title.

    So read Tobold to get a pulse of the average MMO gamer, just don’t expect to be amazed or learn anything in the process. Good for him, and his ‘clones’.

    Understanding and iterating the pulse of the mainstream is important, and that is what he does. It doesn’t surprise me if he edits his opinions and thoughts to make sure it is in line with the mainstream, because that is the opinion he represents.

  18. It’s been a while since we had some good Tobold vs. Syncaine. Good stuff.

  19. Jormundgard says:

    Tobold let Gevlon get to him a few months back, and still occasionally refers to him as a psychopath. I’m sure there are more examples in the past. This is just Tobold being Tobold, from what I can tell. Thin skin and open comments is a dangerous mix.

  20. Perek says:

    Anyway, nice to se Tobold blog Syncaine free from now on…

  21. Xyloxan says:

    Perek, what makes you think that Tobold’s blog will be Syncaine-free? I think it’s just your wishful thinking, lol.

  22. Squirrt says:

    I think Tobold banned Syn thats why I think Perek said that.

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  24. Tobold says:

    Tobold let Gevlon get to him a few months back, and still occasionally refers to him as a psychopath.

    Sociopath, not psychopath. Or more particularly, a person with a high IQ, and a low EQ. And funny as that may sound, I don’t use that term as insult, but as description. Gevlon apparently doesn’t mind.

    I think Tobold banned Syn

    No, I didn’t. I delete 1 single comment from him, together with a few other comments in the same thread. All of those comments were not discussing the subject matter of the post they were commented in, but were still complaining about my journalistic standards because of a factual mistake I had made earlier (and admitted, and corrected). I thought it wise to move the discussion of journalistic standards to a separate blog post, and would even have MOVED the comments there, if Blogger would allow that. By the huge outcry that happens when I delete a comment you can actually see that it doesn’t happen very often.

    But even on the worst of days it takes a special kind of person to insult a small company and their generous supporters when they go out of their way to donate to charity. We call those people assholes.

    We can agree to disagree here. I think it was a publicity stunt, you think it was charity. I don’t think that justifies such a personal attack.

    • syncaine says:

      The personal aspect of it was more from deleting my comment (which was on topic and not an attack), although as I’ve said before doing anything short of supporting donating to charity like MO has is in poor taste IMO.

      We need to settle this with a game of Blood Bowl.

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