CCP’s cruel joke.

I re-subbed one of my EVE Online accounts last night, and today I get a ‘Come back for five days free’ email from CCP about that same account. F U CCP.

Double F U  because I could actually use this for my other account, which since logging in I’ve discovered has the majority of my ISK.

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8 Responses to CCP’s cruel joke.

  1. evizaer says:

    I actually just started playing eve a week or two ago. What’s your char’s name? I’ve been looking for a corp to join.

  2. Anjin says:

    Ouch. Makes you wonder if someone at CCP is having a good laugh right about now.

  3. syncaine says:

    Pilot is Syncaine, not in a corp ATM.

  4. I… I got the same letter… and I did the same thing. *cries*

  5. evizaer says:

    My character’s name is Kazras. Give me a shout in game if you want to team up and… do whatever the hell it is you do when you team up in this game.

  6. Heh, sods laws :( I signed up for a free trial of Eve too. So far I like it although it’s bloody complicated.

  7. The Claw says:

    As as aside, I thought it was pretty damn cool that the “Rediscover EVE Online 5-day reactivation” email had my character’s portrait in it. Very nice touch.

    • syncaine says:

      Oh yea, out of all the things CCP do really well, they nail the marketing for EVE on all levels, emails included. They include the picture and your ISK/SP total in the email. Very well done, as is the new intro movie for the game.

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