Gaming Progress Report: WAR, DarkFall, and some Blood Bowl.

Some random Friday updates today, as I don’t have anything major to talk about. In an odd way, the last few days have been an ‘all good’ type of deal in Syn’s MMO land. Happy times lead to less blogging topics, go figure.

DarkFall: Still happily building my character and exploring human lands. The human area is very populated, both from an active players standpoint and from a world/NPC view. It’s tough to tell if this is due to all the changes AV has made to DF since launch, or if human lands are simply more ‘done’ than the Maharim area, but regardless everything just feels a lot busier in a good way. While a small addition, I think the title quests will go a long way to give some people direction beyond “go PvP” (Which is a great direction, but having more choices is never a bad thing), and while on those title quests I think the more casual players will find themselves introduced to other areas of the game. In an odd way, the title quests are somewhat of an extended ‘intro’ into DarkFall, and if anything AV should place further emphasis on getting new players to them or at least making them aware of their existence. I’ve also noticed that the progression of quests in DarkFall has been improved (again maybe it’s just the human area, maybe it’s the patching), with a more standard ‘Do 3-5 quests, get sent to the next town’, which in DarkFall is much needed due to the fact that you can at any time go in any direction, unlike more guided zone-based games. It still feels odd talking so much about DF’s PvE side, but in all honesty the PvP in DF is already better than any other MMO that I’ve played, so repeating “It’s awesome” over and over does not make for good blogging IMO.

WAR: All good on the WAR front in tier 2. I was worried that perhaps the fun we (CoW) had in T1 would fade in T2, but if anything it’s been even better. The RvR lakes are busy, scenarios pop frequently and feature a good mix of pre-mades and PUGs, and with all the new and old ways to get gear, PvE in WAR can be completely ignored without crippling your character. (I’ve not done a PvE quest since rank 4, and not once have I felt my gear is so behind as to be a noticeable hindrance) In a true sign that WAR (with a good population) is indeed a great PvP game for casuals, Aria is more into WAR now than ever, able to play beyond her previous MMO limit of about an hour. That it took Mythic this long to merge more servers and get everyone playing into this situation is sad, and I’ll wait until we hit T3 and finally T4 before going so far as to say everything is fine. The ‘end-game’ of the city siege still likely needs some work as well. As a side note, the current live event “Return to Nordenwatch” is both simple and great fun. Being able to play a T1 scenario in other tiers is great, as you get to see how the setup and terrain works when you add in more complexity due to higher ranks. Playing to WAR’s strength of having a massive amount of great scenarios is a good move by Mythic, and hopefully they can get even more creative with the live events in the future. They don’t all need to be super complex additions to provide a welcome 2-3 week change, so long as the underlying idea behind the event is actually fun. I’ll take something along the lines of the current event over the more complex but ultimately boring collection events any day.

Blood Bowl: I’m still learning the finer details and math behind this great game, and online play continues to entertain. My Human team is up to a team value of 1920, with a star thrower and catcher, along with some solid blitzers and linemen. My ogre is still rank one and very situational, but hopefully once he causes a few more injuries or deaths he will start to shape up and really contribute. Dwarf teams still give me the most trouble, while high-ranked Chaos teams can be hit or miss depending on how the injury rolls go. I’ve had games where I dominate if I knock a chaos warrior or two out, and I’ve had games that have devastated my team when the opponent stacks claws and might blow on too many of their guys. Wood Elves seem to be my easiest matchup, as I can keep up with them in terms of speed, and knocking them down and out usually goes well.

Happy weekend of gaming everyone, back on Monday.

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  1. I fancy some good PVP which is why I’m tempted to return to WAR. Maybe after my holiday I’ll check it out.

    I’m also into the concept of sandbox games at the moment but Darkfall just doens’t appeal to me. I think Mortal Online will be more for me.

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