PvP-filled weekend in DarkFall

I’m beginning to wonder if the rush of adrenaline I get from PvP in DarkFall is ever going to fade. I’ve been playing the game regularly now since February, and yet each fight still gives me that same sense of excitement and thrill, regardless if I’m wearing my top set or just in a robe with a rank0 sword chasing some random enemy through an NPC city. Even in a one on one practice fight I still get that hyper-focused mind frame to play at my absolute best. It’s great stuff.

This weekend was an absolute blast in DarkFall for not only myself, but Apollo and Cairn as well. Friday primetime we dropped a siege on Bladethorpe, the hamlet we lost the weekend before, and after a serious slugfest against Force and TRA, we hammered the stone and reclaimed our property. Sadly I was having driver issues for the major push, but still got in on a few fights and was able to hear the rest on vent. I think everyone from both sides had a great time, as numbers were about even and the server held up well considering the amount of players. The fighting was so even that our first pushed failed by a slim margin, and while our second push was successful in routing the enemy, it was certainly not a guaranteed win.

With our hamlet back and our clan back in that area, Saturday night saw us heading just north to Albertworth to see if we could get some PvP out of Imperil. Our group of ten successfully ran around for hours that night hitting Albertworth and other hamlets/cities, finally ending the night joining up with another group of ten from our alliance and controlling Albertworth for a good hour or so. We hammered their mine a little, but they had enough active players harassing us to prevent any serious damage.

The great thing about DarkFall is the contrast in fighting styles and tactics between a large engagement like a siege and the smaller stuff like Saturday night. The basics (don’t die) stay the same, but you need different strategies overall and a slightly different playstyle personally. Being out of position during a siege is far more likely to get you killed, but not pulling your weight in a small group could lead to a bigger disaster for everyone else.

While I still don’t consider myself a great PvP’er, I feel like I’ve improved a good deal since becoming more active in Apollo. In one-on-one situations I feel like I have a better understanding of what to watch for, how far to push things, and how to counter what my opponent is trying to do. If nothing else, I’ve learned that if you are more aggressive you are likely to get your opponent out of their comfort zone and get them to make some mistakes. Previously I was always on my heels, letting the fight come to me, and I’ve since learned that’s the best way to lose any fight. In small scale fights I’m more aware of everything around me, and I’ve gotten better at moving with the group. It sounds simple, but just being able to keep up and ‘flow’ with the allies around you is something that takes some time to develop. Now that Apollo is focused on being more active in PvP and starting fights, I know I’ll only improve, and that’s very exciting.

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5 Responses to PvP-filled weekend in DarkFall

  1. Ravious says:

    Good PvP never gets old. See also Starcraft. ;)

    • syncaine says:

      And in gross contrast, bad PvP does (Warhammer).

    • Xyloxan says:

      Maybe good PvP doesn’t get old but even the best games do. Don’t worry syn, DF WILL get old sooner or later. Hopefully, but the time it does get old for you, there will be a new “shiny” PvP game to play and blog about.

      • Adam says:

        I hope a new shiny does come out after Darkfall runs its course.

        There are still people playing and blogging full time about World of Warcraft 5 years later and that’s just sad on so many levels.

  2. Hatch says:

    Adam, yes that is sad.

    Good pvp doesn’t get old, I amongst many others who played daoc in the ‘good old days’ still think of those days as the best online gaming experience we’ve had. Running guild 8 man pvp groups roaming emain against not 1 but 2 possible enemy factions, driving the group, using terrain as an advantage to engage an enemy group, being aware of everything around you. No two encounters were really the same, they had the same components, mezz, interupts, assist, kite, extend, but you had to adapt & on the fly. Great fuckin game, shame theres no daoc2.

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