Science proves why DarkFall > WoW.

Science talks about videogames and how they might affect your brain.

The TLDR version as provided by my fiancé:

WoW = easy = dumb brain

DarkFall = hard = smart brain

She’s a keeper.

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6 Responses to Science proves why DarkFall > WoW.

  1. Bhagpuss says:

    I’m pleased to say that Obama speech didn’t even get reported over here. Politicians pontificating on popular culture is so dull now it doesn’t even make “in other news”. Now, if they actually pass laws, it’s another matter.

  2. Anne says:

    Nothing new.
    Out of hundreds of young white blonde females (University graduation, dah!) I was to spot my (blonde) sister almost instantly… All thanks to obsessive CS 1.6 styles.

    Obama is just trying to get the house-wife votes.

    Oh wait, better not say anything about him otherwise Mr Syncaine will have my buttocks! We all know which side of the fence you are on…

  3. Scrung says:

    Certain people are better at video games than others, this has to do with intelligence/coordination/dexterity.

    Darkfall is easy, so is WoW. All MMORPGs are easy nowadays. No skill whatsoever involved. No dedication needed, ok DF requires a bit but not much, the genre is so dumbed down it’s ridiculous.

    Obama is a moron.

    9am comes too soon.

  4. Graktar says:

    Both Darkfall and WoW exercise the same set of cognitive and motor skills. Darkfall may be more punishing than WoW, but it does not make the brain work any harder to complete tasks. So really, for this, WoW = Darkfall.

    • Adam says:

      From your comment I take it you haven’t actually played Darkfall?

      The combat mechanism for Darkfall is that of a first person shooter like Quake.

      The loot and reward mechanism is that of “resources” whether for yourself or your guild. It’s much like a realtime strategy game in that regard.

      One is harder than the other and they have pretty different motorskill and reward mechanisms.

      I guess your point is that they are both videogames?

  5. Xyloxan says:

    Yea, science proves that playing video games might affect the part of your brain that is responsible for hand-eye coordination. Sure, by playing video games you get better in video games. I don’t need any scientific study to believe in it. On the other hand, there are scientific studies demonstrating that real life social skills have noting to do with your in-game virtuosity in using emotes.

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