More DarkFall expansion details

The bad news about the next DarkFall expansion/patch is that is has been delayed until mid-November. The good news is we have some more info about what it will contain. Clicky here to read the Spotlight piece and all the ForumFall that goes with it.

Before I talk about some of the details mentioned, I find it very humorous that Aventurine just kind of throws this information out there, without the usual PR-ish spin of most devs. Not just because it’s a nice change of pace, but because (and part of me thinks this is intentional) it always drives ForumFall up a wall and back with speculation and ‘slap in the face’ crying. ForumFall really is its own game, and I for one appreciate it on those occasional slow moments at work.

As for the details themselves, racial bonuses were previewed, and while we don’t have the full scope yet overall I think anything that separates one character from another in DarkFall is a good thing, even if those differences are minor. Already the difference races have individual starting stats, different hitbox sizes, and adjusted weapon reach, and none of those things makes any one race significantly better than the other. My guess is these changes will be more along those lines.

The crafting and item changes are also good, logical balance changes. Heavy (expensive) armor SHOULD offer better protection in exchange for magic ability, and having more players PvP’ing in more expensive gear will just raise the stakes. Plus with more heavy armor being used, the demand will increase and high-skilled crafters will see bigger rewards for their efforts. And speaking of effort, giving bigger skill gains for crafting more expensive items not only makes sense, but will in part reduce crafting feeling like a big grind. You will be producing useful items, and while skilling up you can in turn either sell or use those items instead of producing a thousand chain sleeves and mass selling them to a vendor.

Also hinted at in a different Spotlight was a change to the siege system. No details were given, but hopefully the change in some way reduces the overall length of a typical siege, especially since more often than not the first four hours currently are spent sitting around looking at a clan stone or shard holder. Aventurine has pulled unexpected changes/additions out before (village system), perhaps this change will also be something surprising.

Finally the very expected nerf to magic in the form of shared cooldowns. Anything who has been around the MMO block knew this was coming (they don’t call it flavor of the MONTH for nothing), and it’s certainly a much needed change. More archery and melee in PvP is a good thing for DarkFall.

No confirmation if this patch delay also affects EU to NA transfers.

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3 Responses to More DarkFall expansion details

  1. Adam says:

    haha glad I’ve been slacking on the 2nd elemental grind.

    I am pleased that they’ve announced the direction they are going on it.

    I’m not terribly opinionated on which direction it goes. It was clear something needed to happen on the multi-school aoe cycling though.

    and yes the rage in forumfall right now is delicious …..

  2. Sean says:

    All sounds interesting, as an outsider looking in, but I did wonder what you meant exactly by “the usual PR-ish spin of most devs”? Can you point to any egregious instances of this?

    The closest comparison to the spotlight thread I can come up with would be something like WoW developer posts. “Ghostcrawler” and occasionally some of the other devs will offer largely unfiltered information about upcoming plans, posts that have in the past they have come to regret for their frankness.

    On the other hand I’ve always been impressed by CCP’s and LOTRO’s dev blogs. These are far more produced than either Aventurine or Blizzard’s communications to their fans and I feel the better for it.

    • syncaine says:

      I was just thinking of how long it takes a Mythic dev letter to say ANYTHING, and usually what it does say is less concrete than one line in that spotlight post. I mean next Mythic dev letter is going to be this: bug fixes, performance increase, CC changes, mention of past or upcoming event, vague reference to ‘more stuff’ coming in the future. The patch notes will be that plus a long list of minor ability and item tweaks, plus one or two PQ changes.

      I was also just saying how AV, knowing the MMO fan base on forums, throws out SOME racial abilities without the others or explanation behind why humans got what they got etc. From a logical standpoint, it’s just a preview, so it should be perfectly fine just to show SOME of the stuff and have everyone wait for the full notes. On the other, this is an MMO forum, and everyone knows fans are going to go over every little detail and try to envision the entire system, right or wrong. AV just seems to not care, and I find that entertaining.

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