Hey look, a post about Dragon Age

I think I’m close to the end in Dragon Age. Not ‘one fight to go’ close, but reasonably close. I’m level 18 right now, and looking at the skill trees and such, I don’t think you are intended to level much higher. Also the usual RPG hints of ‘the end is near’ are starting to creep up. I’m happy about this because I want to wrap up my singular focus on DA and put more time into DarkFall again. The few hours I’ve been online since transfers have been interesting, and I’ve yet to really meet most of the major players in our new clan (VAMP) and alliance (ShadowPact).

Back to Dragon Age though, I just finished the dwarf portion, and once again I must say I’m floored. The trek through the Deep Roads, all the lore (I don’t remember the last game I’ve been this excited when finding a new piece of lore, kinda cool/odd), the choices and plot twists, it’s all just great stuff. One other thing I’m impressed with is that while each major area (delvish forest, mages tower, human keep, deep roads) has its own unique feel and gameplay, it still all feels like one world. It would be all too easy to have each area be its own thing, and not really relate or work with everything else. It all comes together in DA though, and it keeps you both focused and motivated.

One final note for today, I really like how your standing with other party members impacts gameplay. My guy has a thing with Morigan, and word has spread throughout the camp. While walking around different part members will either talk about it between themselves, or they will ask Morigan directly about it. Morigan being her charming self, the conversations are rather hilarious. In addition to this, Alister is my most liked party member, and so when things go down it seems that he is always the one who is there for advice or assistance. Very curious how some of these events play out if your relationships are different with various characters.

In addition to that replay value, I also suspect that the order you choose to rally your allies has an impact on events. My guess is the actual events themselves will be similar, but the lead up and aftermath will be a little different. Just another reason to press on and wrap up the story, and then try it again with a totally different approach.

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  1. Coppertopper says:

    Are you playing on normal mode? I’m pretty sure that given the length of the game and my free time allotment that will be bumping this down a notch to easy.

    Also out of curiosity what resolution are you playing at? I’m only a couple hrs in but floored by the beautiful visuals at 1900×1200.

    • SynCaine says:

      1900×1200 on very high, and yea, I don’t get why some are saying it’s not stunning.

      I’m playing on Normal without the first patch (that makes Normal easier). It’s a good challenge, although my guys at this point are creeping up in power, especially my rogue. Heavy armor + meteor sword + badass dagger (both with grandmaster runes) = splat. Not god mode yet though, still end up dying on some of the bigger encounters, and bosses usually take a few tries as well.

      • Werit says:

        I play on Normal with the patch and it still takes me multiple times to win some fights.

        • xXJayeDuBXx says:

          Yeah me too. If the patch did make it easier I haven’t seen it. I am wondering if some the difficulty is dependent on the make up of your party.

        • SynCaine says:

          Who you have in your party definitely impacts difficulty IMO. Cone of Cold is seriously OP in the game (it freezes bosses, wtf?), and mass heal is rather powerful as well. Archery is gimped, as are non-crit-based backstab rogues. You can min/max Dragon Age hard from what I’ve seen (I’m actually un-min/maxing right now, with the healer chick riding the bench and not abusing Cone of Cold)

  2. mbp says:

    Can you change the difficulty level half way through a game? This is a feature that I believe every game should gave but surprisingly few do.

  3. Jomu says:

    i wonder if the game is just rallying the different factions to the gray wardens, one big fight at the end with the archdemon.. or are we not even there yet.. i would actually be a bit disappointed if that was it; it IS a long game tho :)

  4. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    Cone of cold, must remember that one!!

  5. pitrelli says:

    I’ve actually had to cut down my Dragon Age playing as once I start I struggle to stop until I’m about falling asleep on my key board.

  6. Krystallos says:

    It does come down to rallying the factions to fight the archdemon but there are a LOT of twists and turns on the way there. The “factions” you end up with may not be who you are expecting.

    In my opinion this story is right up there with KOTOR. The choices you have to make, especially near the end, are tough. Well worth every minute to get there. The writers have done an incredible job here.

  7. XorceR says:

    Well I wasn’t really blown away by the ending, it was good but not awesome.
    But the game overall is awesome. I’ve played about 100 hours, first play-through took about almost 80 and I’m on my 2nd play-through on Hard and still not bored. On the contrary I still can’t wait to play it more and end up staying up late often.

  8. Kyir says:

    After beating the game twice I am still only 63% done with it.

    I don’t know if I should be overjoyed or dismayed by this, and on a related topic, what percent toward completion are you?

  9. ounkeo says:

    i am also very impressed by the npc party interactions. while i understand these are scripted, they are so masterfully written and acted that it is hard not to feel a human connection to them. i hooked up with Lilean and morrigan and her are being very catty with each other. really well done here.A

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