Under the bright lights

As each day passes, DarkFall gets more and more carebear. First it was patch notes, then it was scheduled down time that actually stayed on or ahead of schedule, and now the final ‘slap in the face’, dev-to-fan communication. WTF is this, WoW (that’s a double joke, get it?)

Aventurine has hired some community reps to… you know, communicate with the community. They created a new forum section called Spotlight, which is a heavily moderated area intended to filter out the general ForumFall chatter and really focus on actual feedback and other community-related items. Items like, for example, linking to blogs that talk about DarkFall (hopefully this time around they don’t link any one-month ragequit blogs, oops), with the first EVA! blog being this amazing little space on the internet. I win, bow down!

The overall reaction to this whole initiative is rather priceless right now, as people are shocked that AV is actually reaching out and opening up the lines of communication. Plus we have these new people with their fancy green names (in this case, uncommon is better than rare) talking about patch notes before the patch comes out and other marvels.

AV is going soft man, and this is just one more step towards Trammel…

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7 Responses to Under the bright lights

  1. Anonymous says:

    Devs shoulden’t listen to fans. Not worth the chance of them listening to a carebear and possibly…

  2. Wintersdark says:

    What’s funny is that while I know you’re just kidding around… It’s going to happen. It always does. Those in charge look at their comparably small sub numbers, and want more money…. And the carebearification process begins. Innocently at first, but as the remaining (and random new) carebear types come along, it’ll gather steam untill it’s little more than another crappy wow knockoff.

    While I’m not into pvp to terribly in the first place, this saddens me. I feel it’s very important to have lots of niche games so everyone can have thier fun, and that these niche games remain true to thier niche.

    • Dblade says:

      If they have to do that, it’s a sign that the niche is unprofitable, or their attempt to make a game for it is. If you have to start pandering to carebears, that means that the hardcore really arent as a large or as sustainable market as you think.

      Keep in mind for us its just a game, but for them it’s their livelihood.

  3. Scrung says:

    Too little, too late. Already canceled due to no communication and boredom, even though I spent all my time sieging and pvping it got stale after 5 months.

    I’m waiting for October to see how the communication and the expansion improves things.

  4. sid67 says:

    “Patches? We don’t need no stinking Patches!”

    “When I was your age, we didn’t have Patches! We had unexplained crashes and no save points! And we liked it!”

  5. theJexster says:

    Make a product, make it better….this, this doesn’t make sense at all…the MMO industry is not about evolving, it’s about money and watered down overhyped rehashed products designed to pop subs for another month…actually improving your product, and I dare say, for free! This breaks the MMO laws of reality therefore I an unable to accept it as real!

  6. theJexster says:

    Grats on the publicity BTW, good blogs, the few there are, deserve to be read!

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