This is the story of five friends, looking to live out of a house, to have their lives raped. The real world, Agon.

As previously mentioned, the resident lucky bastard in Inquisition, Megummi, found a Villa deed inside a chaos chest recently, and last night five of us set out to find a spot to place it. Four epic hours, miles of Agon traveled, a mini-graveyard of victim tombstones, and a few casualties later, victory was ours.

The journey started up in Yssam where everyone but me was bound, and as the four went south to join up at my location in human lands (still questing), I spotted four players near me farming some Hill Giants. What’s a little PvP to start our trip off right, eh. The four arrive and we charge the mob farmers, fully expecting them to put up a fight (5v4 is about as fair a fight as you can expect in DF, and all but Megummi and I are somewhat freshly rolled characters), but instead of fighting they all turn to run. We quickly took down the one guy slowest to flee, and pursued his two other buddies (the fourth mounted up and rode away in a different direction, smart guy) into the nearby water. Some quick aqua-archery and soon enough two more tombstones pop up. Some decent loot was grabbed and our night was off to a good start.

As we continued riding, one of our members got disconnected at just the wrong moment (in water), which meant he was back in Yssam when he logged in. Down to four.

We scouted three villages in human lands without spotting a single open house slot of any kind, much less a Villa spot, and this was only the start of what would be a trend for the night. Just as we were leaving human lands and heading into Alfar territory, we spotted two players riding towards us and engaged. To our surprise they fought back rather than running away, and even though the fight started as a 2v4 it was no cakewalk.

One of the two in particular was a heavy-hitter (the other guy was no slouch either), and managed to take one of our newer guys down with a little help from some friendly fire. The fight was basically split 1v2 and 1v2. The enemy I was fighting was still mounted, and although we managed to kill his first mount rather quickly, he spawned a second and managed to stall us for a good amount of time. As this was happening the other enemy managed to down and gank one member of our group before he himself was killed. Not the best result in a 2v4 situation, but we still managed to loot and bank everything, so the only thing lost was a bit of pride. Down to three.

After scouting another three village in Alfar lands without seeing a single open spot, a bit of doubt began to creep in. We knew housing spots in villages were hard to come by, but we were not expecting it to be THIS difficult. We still had three villages to check in Maharim lands, and it’s always fun to return to your former homeland (That was Inquisition’s area during our time on the EU server).

After visiting yet another full village, we stopped by an NPC city that we frequented back in the day, and much to our delight found four gatherers just outside of zap tower range. Megummi, being a blue-con Orc, was able to enter the city without getting zapped, which would prove to be very helpful. We started by quickly mount killing two harvesters before they even had a chance to move (mount attacks vs naked gatherers = damage cap hits), and luckily for us they were both loaded. The other two gatherers were a bit closer to tower range, close enough that melee was not possible, but not far enough that we could not bow them down. A few machine-gunned arrows later, two more tombstones full of harvested goods popped up, ready for Megummi to loot and bank. Guess the harvesters in the area don’t get many PKs and were a little over-confident with all that loot.

With our spirits raised a bit, we set out to hit our old hamlet and the one near it, properties were we spent countless hours in and around on EU. Our hamlet was quite, but the other hamlet had a few active players running around. We rode in and took out a couple, and I ended up chasing one guy a little too close to the local NPC city. The zap tower started hitting me just as the locals began to pour out, newbie gear in hand, arrows flying (wildly, thank god). Between all the incoming damage, I was down to literally a sliver of life as I tried to ride away, and was only saved by chugging a health pot. Without it, I would have been knocked off my mount and sent home. Crazy, crazy close call.

With the rabble still pursuing us on foot, we decided it was time to stop messing around and get back to the business of finding a home. After yet another full village, we had only one left to check, and spirits were rather grim, not only because of the lack of open spots but also because it was getting late, and everyone was growing a bit tired.

The final village was on an island a bit off the western coast of Agon, so it was somewhat fitting that we all had to mount-swim at a slower pace to reach what we were sure would be yet another disappointment. Slow death and all that. Yet as we entered the village, I brought my view over one placed house only to see “A Villa” pop up instead of a player name. Success, someone had not paid their taxes and got evicted! Not only was this the first open spot of any kind out of all the villages we visited, but it was the exact size that we needed. After almost four hours, the relief and joy of finding this spot was amazing.

Of course, now we had to get to a bank in order for Megummi to retrieve his deed and actually place the house (it would have been crazy to ride around this entire time with something worth over 100k on us). Our options were to ride back to that NPC city we had just visited, or to a hamlet that was much closer to the south. Being late, hamlet was the decision.

As we got close to the hamlet, we saw there was a bit of activity, but nothing overly intimidating. We rode in, taking fire from two hamlet zap towers, and spotted one geared player and another two naked. I got a few good mounted shots in on the geared player, but before I could finish him off he ran up into a tree house (this was an elf-style hamlet). While this was happening, the two naked players were doing their best harassing us, taking shots at our mounts and generally being a pain. With mounts and our own health getting a little low, we decided to ride out.

Once we were a safe distance from the hamlet, we debated if we should try again, this time doing a quick hit and run so Megummi can grab his deed, or just forget it and head to the NPC city. Again, being late, I voted to try for the ninja grab, and so the third member of our group crouch-walked back in to scout the situation. The report was that the geared player was recalling out, and so as soon as that happened, we went in. Unfortunately another geared member was hiding among the buildings and managed to quickly nuke our scouting member down thanks to a well placed wall of force (basically a force bubble that keeps you from moving away for 3-5 seconds). Three other players were also in the hamlet, and although they only had newbie gear on, their bows were enough to drive us out before we could risk getting the deed. Down to two.

A bit frustrated, Megummi and I rode to the NPC city, grabbed his deed, and began the ride back to the village. At this point our nerves were more or less shot, and all we could do was pray that we did not cross a group of players on our way to the village. Each little environmental sound was cause for terror (mobs spawning and casting spells, wildlife running around), and as we made the final swim to the village we were basically spent.

Luckily the final moments were uneventful, and Megummi claimed the villa as his own. We (Inq) now have a western spot to recall to in Agon, as the villa allows the owner and one friend to recall to the house. This recall is separate from the normal city/clan stone bind. This means we can rotate house friends and get a group to recall to the house, and rather than crossing all of Agon to PvP in elf or Maharim lands, or to attend some siege on that side of the world, all we have to do is use the house.

My guess is one of our first trips will be to pay that hamlet to the south a little visit, plus they have a mine we would not mind getting some rare ore out of. Good times, definitely good times.

(DarkFall-related post disclaimer/reminder. If you click the image link near the top-right of this page and buy a DarkFall account, I get paid 20% of the client cost. If you believe this taints my views and reporting on DarkFall, your opinion is wrong.)

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24 Responses to This is the story of five friends, looking to live out of a house, to have their lives raped. The real world, Agon.

  1. ratix240sx says:

    That sounded like quite the epic adventure. I really need to get back into Darkfall.

    • Anonymous says:

      I happen to live in that hamlet south of your new village. Trust me, you won’t ever touch that mine, ever.

  2. valkrysa says:

    Engaging story Syn, makes me wish for a little more time so I could join in on some Darkfall.

  3. willee says:

    i need to get back in as well. Curse my demanding job, demanding/non-gaming wife, and demanding 1-year old!!

  4. Malakili says:

    I think this basically sums up what is great about Darkfall. All that, and not a single “quest.” The quest was to find a spot for your villa, and the rest just happened. Great story.

  5. Diametrix says:

    I haven’t even finished reading this post yet but I found the first few paragraphs all too familiar. That was my team at the Hill Giants that you guys rolled.

    And regardless of how ‘new’ you might think of yourselves, we are newer for sure. A few of us have elemental magic to 50 and most are working on getting our first weapon mastery.

    If we were closer together and better organized we might have held our ground but we had just dropped 2 hill giants and a few were low on health and stam.

    I turned north to look at the next mob spawn area (we were jumping between the two spawns) and saw 4-5 riders (at least one on a battlehorn) spilling over the hills behind us. I called REDS NORTH and someone else told our master looter to try and log out in the water. This was a stupid move. We should have all mounted and charged you while the master looter went south.

    As it was, I mounted and went south (I got away) and alot of the others went into the drink. Good attack. We keep learning the hard way.

    • SynCaine says:

      Ah that was you guys? Damn blogger on reader crime!

      I’m not sure how much your master looter had on him, but if he had a lot, you could have saved him by having him water log while the rest of you fought us. No way we would have been able to kill him so quickly with three others fighting us.

      I spotted you guys about 15 minutes before we attacked, I was riding the battlehorn to the dungeon that is right there. I thought you guys saw me because some magic came my way. Was half expecting to get followed into the dungeon or to have you guys gone by the time the rest arrived.

  6. victorstillwater says:

    That was a great story. :) I had to keep reminding myself that you were fighting other people, which added to the tension even more!

  7. pitrelli says:

    Awesome story mate, gotta laugh that even your victims are posting :)

  8. Haha we were wondering why you guys kept trying to come into our hamlet, it all makes sense now.

    I wish it hadn’t been so late, I was thinking about going and capping the village where you placed but decided to hit the sack instead. Would have been fun to try and take that deed from you guys.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea that would have been a ton of fun… :)

      Actually Galacticus (sp?) from EB recalled to a cottage in that village and almost killed me while I was playing a slot machine. Luckily for me he did not give chase, and I made it into our new villa and shut the door. Saved me 3k.

      • bonedead says:

        Can’t doors be broken? Is it hard to do or what? If I luckily found a house deed and somehow could pay rent, would I be safe in my house unless a group was mad at me?

        • SynCaine says:

          Doors can be broken with siege weapons or magic, but they have a decent amount of HP and are easily replaced. If you are inside your house and someone is outside trying to kill you, you can recall out before they can break the door down.

        • Anonymous says:

          A door can be busted down in 10 seconds with a few grenades.

        • anony says:

          Doors can only be destroyed with battlespikes now as of the expansion.

  9. Kate Hawkings says:

    haha that was an awesome read, look forward to playing with you guys again.

  10. Badguy says:

    Holy nutcupping macro transfer characters.
    nice strategy, pretty lame post overall.

  11. cmagoun says:

    One thing that Darkfall really gets right is how it coaxes the epic out of the seemingly mundane. A simple house-hunting expedition turns into a great story.

    I recently had to make a run across the continent to get to my clan’s new home and a raptor, an ice golem, an elfshade, a couple PKs, 2 deaths and numerous close calls later, I made it. All that excitement and not an ! or ? in sight.

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