The cash shop forest

Riddle me this: If no one spends money in the cash shop, does the cash shop exist? Because  aren’t you then left with just a free MMO where once again time (and if possible, player skill) are the only factors?

Well of course not, because what you ARE left with is a ‘free’ MMO that is missing easy/any access to more or less required things like extra bag space, mounts, and ‘convenience’ items that make the game playable, but if those cheering the F2P model are right when they say the cash shop is not required to play, no one buying things from the shop because the prices are ridiculous sounds like a plus to me.

BTW: Is 3 days after the start of ‘open beta’ a new K&G community record for the love/hate cycle completing itself?

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  1. sid67 says:

    If only I had read Keen’s boycott post prior to spending $400 on a mount…


    • SynCaine says:

      Can anyone explain the logic of pre-loading your account with gpotatoes? What exactly do you gain from converting real money into pretend money when you don’t know what value/worth that pretend money will have yet…

      • Billy Hicks says:

        Its a FanBoi thing.

        As a FanBoi you want to ‘help’ the game company you feel can do no wrong. We see it before every single MMO launch, the people who claim the game will be the greatest thing EVER even though they have never played it.

        Keen and others were so excited about the game they wanted to ‘progress’ and as the game wasn’t really out the next best thing they could do was spend money on credits.

        Poor Sods.

        The REALLY scary part is I bet someone somewhere will spend the $42,000 to buy the full set of gems or whatever they are called.

      • sid67 says:

        btw.. I was not serious. I hate RMT and the day this becomes standard practice in MMOs is the day I stop playing MMOs.

  2. brannagar says:

    “BTW: Is 3 days after the start of ‘open beta’ a new K&G community record for the love/hate cycle completing itself?”

    Oh, give me a break Syncaine. Keen and everyone else continue to love Allods Online. That has not changed and will not in the forseeable future.

    Keen’s problem is not with the game but with the prices announced in the Cash Shop. They are ridiculous. There is no hate for the game, just for the recently announced prices, which may or not be a coding mistake on gPotato’s part.

    Irregardless, myself and everyone I know on Keen’s blog are going to continue to play the game. It is a great game. We just won’t be spending a dime in the Cash Shop until the mistake is rectified or the prices change.

  3. Hudson says:

    You are right, thanks for pointing out what we all know about Keen. Expect some new posts on the next big game soon. With advertisements and a forum set aside for everyone

    • brannagar says:

      Hudson, if I am correct, didn’t you plop down 50 bucks on Star Trek:Online?

      If so, I think that pretty much negates any commentary by you about any MMO or MMO player out there.

      Talk about supporting a horrible game and horrible company.

  4. Paragus says:

    Looks like he will boycott this the same way he did Modern Warfare 2.

  5. valkrysa says:

    Well even though Keen loves the game itself he has been weary of how the cash shop would turn out from day one. So I consider this a ‘little’ different then his other love affairs as at least with this one he knew there would be a problem right from the start.

  6. bonedead says:

    These comments need a lot more wiener.

  7. mbp says:

    Lol at the cash shop prices but even loller at the over the top reaction from the fan base.

    My guess is that it is all a blunder – everyone knows that the way to milk maximum revenue out of your punters in a cash shop is little and often. No one is going to buy an item costing €6,000. (I doubt very many folk would buy an item for $600 either).

    • brannagar says:

      Yeah, mbp, I am hoping you are correct. I just wander why it is taking so long for them to acknowledge it if it is a mistake.

      This is a PR nightmare for gPotato and one would think that if it was a mistake they would be very quick to jump on that fact and let us all know. Maybe I am wrong though, I certainly hope I am.

  8. Mig says:

    The fact that he spent $50 on cash shop currency before even knowing what would be sold and for how much is pure lulz.

    • Malakili says:

      Well, plenty of people buy games sight unseen that cost 50 bucks, so it isn’t totally without precedent. Still would not have been my choice though.

  9. Adam says:

    ohnoes drama over badgame.

    Completely different topic has anyone checked this game out?

    WoW private server with full looting, capturable npc and guild cities, no instances(?).

    There is even a Trammel server for the bads.

    Not my cup of tea since its not FPS but it’s very cool to see someone modding WoW at this level.

  10. Werit says:

    I’m leaning towards it being a mistake. What is of concern is the lack of official comment. Is it a sign that the US market is not a major priority for them?

  11. sid67 says:

    […]And as he alludes to in a follow-up post today, if people DON’T buy these things, all they are left with is an incomplete MMO.[…]Microtransactions: Not only unfair, but foolish
    (Serial Ganker)

  12. mbp says:

    Breaking news – No apology for the prices. It wasn’t a mistake and prices are staying where they are.

    This is getting very interesting.

    My (newly revised) opinion is that someone who thinks they understand economics wants to play around with cash shop pricing to determine the optiumum price point empirically. Starting with the highest prices makes sense then so they can lower it and see if revenues rise or fall. After all the game is still beta so customers won’t mind will they? This is all textbook MBA pricing theory. Pity they didn’t get to the chapter on Public Relations though.

  13. Stabs says:

    Ha ha that’s hilarious!

    Poor Darren with his $10 horse that everyone laughed at must be walking about muttering “I told you! Didn’t I tell you? Yes, I believe I told you.”

    MBP is spot on, someone is playing around to see just what the market will bear. It’s pretty clear so far that most stuff has been underpriced. WoW’s $10 pets would still have sold at $20.

    Now someone’s saying ok, want to buy success? Here you go, be the only guy on the server with a full set of runes or whatever.

    Bear in mind there are some very rich RMTers. A Saudi Prince sponsored Nihilum at one point and a Russian Aluminum billionaire bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of isk in Eve.

  14. I smell another Cold War brewing.

  15. silvertemplar says:

    The bigger concern as far as i can tell is the “consumables” that is in that shop. Some say it translates to $1 for 30 minutes of PvP/Raiding.

    Something with those “perfumes” that reduce the “fatigue penalty” .

    Almost like paying cash to repair your gear , except your gear degrades based over time [whether you die or not].

  16. Saylah says:

    Well $10 for a permanent mount I bought and didn’t bat and eye. However, NEVER EVER rented bag space or pets in ROM. It was not necessary unless you really arbor the so-called inventory mgmt mini game. But getting what 20 spaces in a bag that is routinely occupied 1/3 by required quest items is a whole other story. Then telling me to get 6 more spaces in $20 is someone one’s crack-pipe dream.

    The good PVE content is still there but you must look a little further into how this will impact your gaming session. With maybe 10 bag spaces available and LONG ASS WALKS to vendors to sell crap, you will spending more time walking back and forth, leaving trash on mobs and/or destroying items already in your pack to make space for another stupid quest item. Besides which, your talent points aren’t free you need to by Rubies with in-game currency, much of which you’ll now be leaving on the mobs (vendor trash).

    It’s not that we can’t live with 10 spaces on average while you’re out questing, it’s how that will impact your playing and enjoyment, when forced to shuffle back and forth on foot to NPC vendors. People who never planned to spend a dime could care less. The only people concerned are those of us who liked the game enough that we wanted to spend something to make it a bit more enjoyable and support future development. But whatever – they’ll do as they see fit. We all know that bad beginnings are very hard to overcome afterward. We have enough MMOs around still struggling with that to know the truth of it.

    Let’s not make this about Keen and his sometimes over reaction, that’s merely a deflection of the real issue. A gouging CS that is theirs to do with as they please but will hurt them in the end unless the clean up this mess quickly.

  17. Mojeaux says:

    …. OMFG… lol!

  18. Damage Inc says:

    Seriously Syncaine, sometimes you’re a complete idiot who has absolutely no clue and this is one of those cases.

    Oh and by the way, stop deluding yourself that DFO is a good game. It’s shit and comes no where near any of the decent FFA games we’ve seen in the past like UO, AC: Darktide and Shadowbane.

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