DarkFall character update

Best clan name I’ve seen in a while: Fat kids lag IRL (it’s funny because it’s true)

My vitality title quest is finally done, whooo!. 200 Revenants was a haul, albeit a very profitable one. With the title bonus I’m at 314 base HP, which I’m more than happy with. Combined with a greatsword mastery of 70 and a strength stat of 60 unbuffed, I feel comfortable going into melee combat with most players, and even though I know many of the upper-elite still have a sizable advantage, I in no way feel underpowered.

I also hit 100 earth magic, and I’m skilling up meteor strike along with my plan to get Disintegrate and Pungent Mist to 75+. Once that’s done my earth intensify should be up there, making everything all the more powerful. Also on my offensive spell bar is fireball, so fire magic has been going up as I’m using that as well. I still need to get Greater Magic to 100 for confusion, it’s currently at 79 and increasing ever so slowly, though I’m not really focusing on it just yet. Some Heal Other skilling up should move that along a bit; I want that spell to 50+ as well as it makes for a nice rotation with Witches Brew and Sacrifice. Finally I’ve been slowly working on all of my self-buffs and buff-other spells, trying to get each one to 50+ so they last long enough to be worth casting. The buff-other spells are crazy powerful, and once we get decent at actually casting them before a fight, they should really make a big difference.

Overall things have been busy politically as well, with lots of sieging going down and a lot of holdings changing hands. I’ve been seeing warhulks used more often in addition to boats being deployed whenever possible. Players have also been coming out in some impressive gear (infernal and dragon, with highly keened r60s), and when the numbers are right and the server plays nice, the fights have been epic.

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4 Responses to DarkFall character update

  1. Professer says:

    Its good to hear things are going well for you in DF. I just finished my Vit quest also, 200 revanants really takes some time!

    But sadly I just unsubbed because I don’t have the time to keep up in Darkfall. I could only log in about 2 times a week to get some decent play time. (I also lag out of the ass)

    I hope to see more Darkfall posts in the future.

  2. bonedead says:

    Man I lag all day IRL

  3. bonedead says:

    On a side note, I believe it should be “server plays* nice”.

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