Home court advantage in DarkFall

I was hoping that after this past weekend, I was going to have a post about our planned siege in DarkFall to capture a local hamlet. Unfortunately the day before our planned siege was the day the Cold War broke, and the alliance leadership decided to take advantage of that opportunity and strike. As time was winding down on the hamlet, the server crashed and ended our opportunity. Even though we never got a chance to execute the full extent of our plan, we still learned some good lessons concerning sieging in DarkFall, and our next go-around should go that much better.

One of the major challenges or advantages currently is the size of the world and the available travel means. The world is absolutely huge, and riding a mount is the fastest form of travel, which naturally favors local combatants versus long-distance forces. Not only must the traveling side initially cover more ground, but upon death they are also further removed from combat. If you are defending a hamlet or city which you are bound near, you will naturally be able to jump back into combat much faster than your invading enemy. It’s this inclusion of meaningful travel that helps to localize communities in DarkFall, and makes defending vast empires like Hyperion or the Goons more difficult. 

The other major advantage a local force has is their knowledge of the terrain down to the smallest details. Knowing the layout of the rocks and trees over the next ridge might not seem very important when you are just riding through, but when you are chasing someone fleeing on a mount, knowing the best location to jump off and fire arrows is critical. Pick the wrong spot, and the enemy will be able to hide behind trees or other terrain features, while the right spot will allow you to fire enough arrows to bring that mount down. If you come across an enemy group and they flee, knowing the local area will help you corral them into unfavorable terrain, be it water or impassible mountains. Without that knowledge, you will likely just end up in a long chase which results in your enemy’s eventual escape.

These types of details won’t become known until you run into a situation where they are needed, and that need depends on multiple factors. How active you are in local PvP, how often you fight quality opponents, your preferred fighting style (melee, mount, range), the size of each engagement; all of these things eventually add up and give you an edge when fighting on your ‘home court’.

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6 Responses to Home court advantage in DarkFall

  1. Lucian says:

    Terrain is a huge factor in Darkfall. I have escaped countless PKs at the dwarves just because of where I position myself lets me detect them before they see me. I then dive in the water and with 50+ diving skill can hold my breath long enough to make it half way back to our hamlet.

    I would think a serious group of attacking players in a siege would actually rebind at the nearest chaos stone, or NPC city assuming it’s within their race alliance. This way it reduces the time it takes to get back in combat albeit still slower than the defenders.

  2. Maedhros says:

    I strongly believe they need to alleviate at least SOME of the travel.

    I favor allowing a player to at least recall back to their racial city at any time. This as well as to where they are currently bound.

    I would also favor being able to recal back to any racial allied city.

    Something little like this could make the game a littlel bit more accessible.

  3. Beleg Firebreath says:

    Home court advantage indeed. I pretty much agree with the above. We ran into a group of Inquisitors the other day on their home court (although unbeknownst to us, at the time). It wasn’t very pretty. Don’t worry, we’ll be back ;)

  4. syncaine says:

    Hey Beleg, I was part of that Inq group that ran into you guys. We thought you guys were going to fight us, since at the start it was 4v5, everyone mounted, but you guys kept going and split up, and I think we got all of you but one. I fought you personally on the ground, along with a few others. Good fight, hopefully we will see you guys around more often.

  5. Centuri says:

    Does this turn naked graveyard-zerging into the last line of defense? In a game with PVP death having consequence, this seems somewhat out of place.

    Assuming an attacking force is within your city walls what can they do to stop the defending force from respawning directly on top of them?

  6. syncaine says:

    Clan stones have a limited number of bind spots, and those that are bound come back with low health and the invuln shield. While they can be annoying, they don’t factor in that heavily if controlled. Naked fighters take extra damage, and noon weapon damage has been nerfed.

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