An offer not even worth refusing

Dear internet advertising people,

Offering me $10 to advertise on my blog is not a very tempting proposition. You see, I’ve already earned more in the time it took me to read your email than what you are offering, and while tripling that amount sure sounds catchy, tripling next-to-nothing is just triple nothing. And no, I won’t email you back to discuss rates, because my guess is suggesting you move the decimal place two spots to the right and making this a monthly payment is just slightly, slightly out of your budget.

And don’t look at me like I’m being unreasonable here, I can’t even buy a goddamn mount for what you are offering!

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Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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5 Responses to An offer not even worth refusing

  1. sid67 says:

    Ya, you dumb newbs! He already makes enough pimping Darkfall. Sheesh.

    • SynCaine says:

      Well then there is that, which blows even the highest offers out of the water in terms of work/reward, but even without the CPP I’d still not even bother replying to this type of stuff, and I’m left wondering who does.

      • sid67 says:

        Jut think about how much more you could make if Blizzard offered a referral program! $!!

        Er.. wait. Given the topics you write about on this blog, you would be more likely to end up owing them money!

  2. Remastered says:

    Totally off topic, but if you haven’t checked out Google’s main page today for the Pac-Man 30th Anniversary, you should…

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