More ‘same MMO, different players’ talk.

Continuing today’s theme of ‘are we even playing the same game?’, I want to talk about my recent experience in tier 1. Two old buddies from WoW recently started playing Warhammer Online, and to help them catch up, I rolled a shaman to join them in some PQs and scenarios. I fully expected a dead, empty world, and saw the exact opposite. Just to put everything in context, this was on Thorgrim (low pop), Destruction side.

The goal was to catch them up, so we more or less skipped questing, and gathered to do some PQs in the first 3 chapters of both the chaos and greenskin areas while we waited for scenarios to pop. It’s not that questing was slower,  but we wanted to get into group content quickly, and the best way to do that across different level ranges was to do scenarios (thanks to bolstering) and PQs (as they are fun regardless, and the influence and bag loot helps get your lower level buddies caught up quick).

While running PQs, we often had 2-3 random people join up, sometimes for a short amount of time, others for 2-3 PQs. Scenarios popped frequently, and we even saw Alter of Khaine pop among the usual mass of Nordwatch, no doubt thanks to the ‘queue all’ button recently added. The scenarios were full of lower rank (6 and under) characters, and some players were clearly very new to WAR (those are the ones that running ahead of the group as a squishy, jumping around like they did in WoW) It’s interesting to watch higher rank characters, as they have seen what works in WAR RvR, and move as a group, as the newer players still adjust and try to play WAR like WoW.

With the recent announcement of WAR hitting 750k subs, I can’t help but think that player progression through the tiers is far slower than we first expected. I thought at this point most players would be finishing tier 2, entering tier 3, but my feeling now is most players are still messing around in tier 1, perhaps starting to enter tier 2. I think it varies server to server, but my guess (so I can be wrong, again) is that in a month or two, players will be evenly spread, with some tier 4 happening, but still plenty of action in the previous three tiers.

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3 Responses to More ‘same MMO, different players’ talk.

  1. Rog says:

    YRMV, on Monolith it seems that most players are between Tier 2-3. There’s still a fair number in Tier 1, but most of those seem to be alts as people second-guess their class choices.

    And that’s a significant factor in the loop if you ask me, since Scenarios are where all the PvP action is, class balance comes down to players re-rolling.

    If the higher Tiers had better activity in RvR and PQs, maybe it’d be different.

  2. joggoms says:

    I only bought WAR last week and was surprised to see that I could easily get PQ groups in prime time and scenarios popped almost non-stop (I chose Order to avoid queues and waits).

    It’s only anecdotal evidence, but I think a lot of players were on the fence and are now signing up. That’s what I did and some people I know waited until after launch day as well.

  3. p@tsh@t says:

    I think that’s right. Outside of the rarified air of the mmo blogosphere, release day probably doesn’t mean so much.

    I suspect that the Advance Expeditionary Force that has rocketed to T4 already may get spread too thin or end up having to wait for the rest of us to drag our lagging buts behind.

    I’ve literally got 10 alts that I’ve played up to an average level of about 10, some higher some lower, to see what careers are appealing and under what circumstances they’re fun for me. You seem to only starting coming into your own career-wise around Rank 10.

    Like Joggoms though, T1 scenarios are a-popping on the order side still. Since it takes two factions of lowbies to make them pop, it can’t just be Order or Destro that is stuck in T1.

    I am seeing a gap though between the vanguard that have moved on to T3+ and T2 which seems a bit empty now.

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