Wizard101 and AoC reviews

The EG review of Wizard101:

Cute and polished, but did we not learn from FF7 that no one wants to watch the same overextended summoning animation after the 10th time? Bonus points for making the first battle seem like I have some control, but do I really need to click the little box after every… single… short… little… text… blurb? I thought this game was designed with the ADD generation in mind? 5/10

The EG review of AoC:

You swing a stick, one guy dies, you ding. Really? The epic-spewing loot piñatas in WoW have nothing on AoC progression speed. Oh and FunCom, SoE called, they want their 1995-speed downloader back, people need those EQ2 trials delivered at the end of the month. 5gigs at 100k, GO! Digging the setting/look/style in all of the 10 minutes I had with it though. 4/10

Chuck-o-the-day: Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, but Jack still couldn’t dodge Chuck Norris’s roundhouse kick.

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8 Responses to Wizard101 and AoC reviews

  1. YelloBird says:

    Maybe someone needs to tell EG, that you can turn off the summoning animation in the options ;-)

    • SynCaine says:

      Checking options and digging beyond the first 5 minutes so not ever EG-ish, now is it?

  2. Mordiceius says:

    Wait… you can? That’s news to me.

  3. Blud says:

    I played AoC after I burned out on WoW. I heard about how it was supposed to be a pvp game. When I dinged 80, my guild was all about how I had to go raiding to get my gear and what mats I needed for my starter epics…that was exactly why I left WoW.

    I didn’t know AoC was all about the gear, too. Stupid me.

    And W101. Well, how can you go from DF to that?

  4. silvertemplar says:

    Doesn’t EG scores work the other way around? The lower the score and the more scathing the review, the better the game actually is when you play it more than 5 minutes? ;)

    • SynCaine says:

      This is correct, which is why after one night of expert research, I’m leaning more towards AoC than W101, but both did enough to keep me interested.

  5. sid67 says:

    So when is AoC going FTP?

    • silvertemplar says:

      I’d wager when The Secret World release ;). Funcom already got a F2P game, Anarchy Online .

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