Warhammer 40k MMO trailer

In the grim darkness of the far future… you can look forward to the accessible achievement of facerolling the neon-shaded butchery of the 40k IP.

Hey look, a 40k mod for WoW!

Seriously, for a game with “Dark Millennium” in its title, could the art style be any brighter and more happy-go-lucky? Just me, or is anyone else amazingly underwhelmed by this? I swear if I watch the video again I’m going to spot a ! above some NPCs head and an achievement for walking forward pop up.

This trailer is so tragic, even Chuck has no words for it.

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23 Responses to Warhammer 40k MMO trailer

  1. sid67 says:

    Was it just my imagination or did I see a guy “aiming” at the 0:37 mark?

    • SynCaine says:

      Total guess, but I’m going to say its ‘aiming’ like aiming was in Fallout3, or how it is in Fallen Earth. Yea you aim, but then dice are still tossed. If it’s pure aiming like in DarkFall, I’ll be happily surprised.

  2. Tail Gun says:

    Woot , welcome back to 2005

  3. Tim says:

    I don’t see wow, although I saw the “orks which are obviously copied from wow” (add sarcasm).

    I see the same style of graphics from the Dawn of War RTS games, I saw a Great Unclean One that looked happy (which is great!), and I also saw a guy “aiming”. Overall, I’m still at state “excited”.

  4. Zensun says:

    I find referring to a GW ip as a ‘WoW clone’ pretty ironic. :)

  5. Zapatero says:

    I rather liked it. LOTRO is currently my casual/laid back MMOG, one I expect to leave once it goes freeplay. WH40KO should be a decent replacement for me – especially as I was a bit of 40K fanboy (before I discovered girls and beer).

  6. Hudson says:

    I agree as I posted


    Total garbage

  7. Carson says:

    I can’t wait for this “next generation MMO”, the player unit frame in the top left corner and button bar across the bottom of the screen look incredibly innovative.

  8. Jaggins says:

    If it is Planetside with goblins, I’m all over it! I think I saw vehicular combat. If it is not FPS, fail…

  9. Jesse says:

    Empire vs Chaos. Where are the Eldar? Where are the Tyranid? Are Orks fighting alongside Chaos?

    • Ardua says:

      It looks to be a threeway war between His Majesty’s Glorious Imperium, the thrice damned heretical scum of Chaos and the blighted Xenos known as Orks.

      Tyranids and Necrons if they show up are more omnicidal than most in the setting and that is saying something.

  10. Snafzg says:

    If WH40K looks anything like WoW its probably because Joe Mad, the creative/art guy, is an ex-comic book artist with a hardon for fantasy and WoW.

  11. Mala says:

    I don’t care about the art style its all in the game mechanics and until I find out how the game actually plays, its not even worth speculation. You’re probably right though, and at this point I think its perfectly fair to assume, until evidence is shown otherwise, that any new MMO being announced is basically a mediocre WoW rip off.

    • Sol says:

      rofl.. You do realize he works for the company that MADE Warhammer 40K and that all the classes in WoW are RIPOFFS of Warhammer?? Ahh.. duh?

  12. Hudson says:

    I like how the ork was flying between towns on a “KOPTER” instead of a WoW Griffon.

    What a new MMO concept….cant….wait…..

    hold on…yes I can

  13. PeterD says:

    Sorry, but there’s nothing wrong with the art style in the game. Have you ever looked at the tabletop miniatures? That’s pretty much what they look like, and the terrain you can buy for the game is also similar. “Dark Millenium” doesn’t mean the sky is always overcast and everything looks dingy and dark, it refers to the fact that the galaxy is in a dark age.

    I’m fairly certain that in the medieval dark age we still had sunny skies, blue water, green trees, and bright colors. Seriously.

    • Billy Hicks says:

      I think he means it feels more like WAR than the real Warhammer Universe. in WAR the game world was sanitized to get the lower age rating on the game. If they went for the 18+ rating then you would get a game much better able to realise the Warhammer Universe.

      I could be wrong, but we will have to wait and see.

  14. Fulgrim says:

    I want to be a khorne dreadnought death to the false emperor

    • Wyrm says:

      My Space Wolf will tear you dreadnought apart and smash the putrid little corpse inside with my metal boot.

      FOR RUSS!

  15. Wyrm says:

    Well, as a 40K (bad) player and (worse) painter I quite like the trailer and I’m really looking forward to the game.

    More than anything I hope they managed to get a decent QA team and that they won’t have meddling executives going for the bottom line NOW instead of when it’s ready.

    The trailer itself is amazing and I really cannot blame them for having what apparently are graphics that can run in a broader range of PC’s.

    And I cannot blame them for not catering exclusively to my tastes. They are aiming for a broader audience and that is fine. Hope they don’t release stupid statements a la Warhammer Online though…

    All in all, I’m quite pleased with the trailer.

  16. DrPest says:

    Wait…does Blizzard give out licenses for their WoW grafics engine now? The way the textures look, the terrain, the effects…they just look like WoW (with Titans and Space Marines and stuff ofc.)

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  18. USACelt says:

    As far as any GW products looking like WoW, its because WoW took the idea from the Warhammer world. Gw had their world long before WoW. Anyway, If this game plays like Warhammer online, I’ll pass. It was a PVP fueled online boardgame.

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