Blood Bowl League: Almost time to start!

We currently have 12 teams signed up for our Blood Bowl league, with a solid mix of races and play-styles. The league is setup for 16 teams max, so only four slots remain!

Currently the plan is to start the league on Wednesday, November 10th. We will be playing one game per week, although there is some flexibility with that if someone really can’t play one week. So long as everyone has played a similar number of games and against the correct opponents, things will work. I’m leaning towards a 16 game schedule, plus playoffs. Should we need them, we will accept replacement teams at various points during the season.

As a reminder, make sure to bookmark our forums. We now also have an official website up as well (thanks to Vodum) that will track league progress.

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8 Responses to Blood Bowl League: Almost time to start!

  1. Dril says:

    Just out of interest: what type of system does Blood Bowl use in league terms? Is it a straight-up league, league with playoffs deciding top X spots or some convoluted elimination/league/odd system like the Super League (Rugby League)?

    Also: are any of these how American Football works? I have virtually no idea how most American sports work anyway, so, yeah.

    • SynCaine says:

      The type of system can be selected at league creation. I believe the season determines playoff placement, but I’ll be honest and say I’m not 100% on that, this being the first time I’ve set up a league.

  2. Vodun says:

    I’m pretty sure the 16 game schedule is only if you have 16 teams (everyone plays each other once). I’m also not sure how/if the season works with an odd amount of teams… We’ll find out soon enough (if we don’t fill out the league).
    As far as the play-offs goes… I’m not sure how it works

  3. Isey says:

    When is this starting? I don’t think I can join in until next week. Maybe i’ll hop in season 2!

    • Vodun says:

      Well the first line of the post says Wednesday November 10th. So I’m guessing right around then.

      • Vodun says:

        Keep in mind that if you have the game already you can still join the league and just play your match next week. Maybe that’s a option. Season 2 won’t start for another 16 weeks. =\

      • isey says:

        reading comprehension for the win. So sorry. I skimmed.

        In my minor defence, uh, just making sure it was still on track to start on time.

        Yeah, that’s the ticket.

        I haven’t d/l’ed it yet but will try to squeeze it in today. Thanks.

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