EVE: Off to war we go

When Dear Leader speaks, especially for a war deployment, our numbers in local were great than local in Jita. Seems our ‘dead’ or ‘defeated’ alliance still has a little bit of life left in it…

So we are off to war, and personally I’m thrilled. While gathering up ISK and ships in Delve has been nice, especially for my industry-focused pilot, at the end of the day if you don’t use that ISK, what’s the point? Sure, we would fly out from Delve and skirmish with others, and that was fun, but a full-commit deployment is different, and IMO the real ‘heart’ of EVE. These are the events books are written about, and the “I was there” moments people really remember.

We are going north, though our final destination is still unknown to line members. We are also not moving out Super Capital fleet, just our dreads/carriers and doctrine sub-caps. I’m moving my Chimera carrier, along with a fleet hanger of sub-caps. The move op so far has been, as expected, a long grind of jumping, waiting, TiDi, and more waiting. And even with all our caution, some people are still dying. Such is life when 2000+ people travel and countless others want to pick off the stragglers.

The event is also a reminder that only in EVE do such things happen. A lot of MMOs talk about ‘meaningful travel’, or the idea of a convoy being something that actually happens with players transporting goods. In EVE it actually does, and sure, it’s not glamorous or super-engaging gameplay (if all goes well anyway), but it sets the table for everything else. If going to war was as simple and easy as queuing up for a battleground, the actions and results wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful or memorable. In short, by putting in all of this work to make it happen, the end-result is the culmination of all that work. When you don’t have to put in much work, the end-product probably isn’t anything special.

Good times ahead!

PS: Picked up PUBG since a bunch of Inq guys have been playing it. Fun game for sure, especially playing as a duo or in a squad (4 player team). So far one win, one second place finish, and a whole lot of learning by jumping to the most populated area and brawling to learn the mechanics quickly.

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  1. My post about this will be up in a bit. Did you make the early EUTZ op or were you up late with last night’s USTZ op?

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  3. Eph says:

    VFK by when?

  4. Maineiac says:

    I’ve seen you playing PUBG, we should squad up sometime.

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