Blood Bowl: Nuffle is a cruel bastard.

I had one of the oddest Blood Bowl games last night, where after four turns it looked like I was going to slaughter the other guy, and after 16 turns the score was 3-0. Him.

It was my 1860 TV Human team against his 1440 TV Lizardman. Due to the TV disparity he purchased a star Saurus player and a wizard, giving him a ton of Str 4 lizards, plus his str 5 Krox. I kicked off to him, and in two turns he had a Skink on my goal line protected by three Saurus’. To my surprise, he delayed scoring, no doubt hoping to inflict some casualties with his remaining players.

That did not go well for him, as I not only injured a Saurus and a Skink the next turn, but also fouled his star player and got an injury roll on him as well. As he only had one reserve player, he was going to play the rest of the match with no more than 9 players on the pitch. He quickly scored the next turn.

On my first turn after his score, I KO’ed his Krox, along with a Saurus, and knocked another Saurus out of bounds (no KO or injury though). After performing all possible blocks, I walked my 4 Agi, Sure Hands Thrower over to the ball (2+ to pick it up), and… 1, reroll, 1. Turnover. While annoying, not the world’s worst turn of events, since he did not have a player who could reach the ball, and with my significant player advantage, it just meant another turn of bashing lizards and hoping for injuries.

Next turn: more blocks, unfortunately this time no injuries, although I did stun a Skink and Saurus. Thrower moves to pick the ball up. 1, reroll, 1. Turnover.

Now I’m too lazy to do the math, but I’m fairly sure failing a 2+ roll four times in a row is fairly rare.

This turnover was also problematic because he now had a Skink close enough to grab the ball. Granted, the odds were somewhat low, with him needing a 4+ to get it, but it would have been a whole lot better if the opportunity did not exist at all.

Especially since, on the very first move of his turn, he runs his Skink to the ball, picks it up, dodges away from my incompetent Thrower, and races towards the goal line. Luckily he is a few squares short, and with Skinks only having 2 str, this allowed my Thrower to roll two dice when blitzing him.

Blitz, push + trip. The Skink has dodge. Reroll. Push + push. FML.

Next turn the Skink dodges away and scores, and it’s now 2-0 just before the half.

Next turn starts, and all of his guys fail their KO rolls. My 11 vs his 7, but only one turn to play. I bash as many as I can, but no further injuries are dealt.

I receive the ball after the half, and his Krox again fails his 4+ KO roll again (the other Saurus is back). It’s a high kick, so my Thrower gets to move under it and, hey look, actually catches it. First block of the turn, two dice with my guy having the Block skill vs his guy with nothing. Skull + skull. FML. Reroll. Skull + push. Push it is. Next Block, also two dice with my guy having Block. Skull + skull. Turnover.

Nothing of interest happens during his turn, and on mine I land a few knockdowns and move my Catcher into position, with a Blitzer near him. He moves two Skinks to slow them down on his turn. Back on mine, I knock down one Skink and throw the ball to my open Catcher. Accurate pass, catch failure, ball lands next to the other Skink. His turn, he picks the ball up on a 5+ roll, makes two dodge rolls to get away, and is out in the open. My turn, blitz the Skink, two dice + Block. Push + trip (Skink has dodge, plus Side Step). Fail. I surround the Skink with five players, and tie up the rest of his team.

His turn, 4+ dodge, 4+ dodge, 4+ dodge, all successful, and he scores. 3-0, game ends.


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9 Responses to Blood Bowl: Nuffle is a cruel bastard.

  1. Isey says:

    Current MMO player would quit the game after something like that, deleting it from the hard drive. What I love(d) about the BB community is the set understanding that games like that just happen, and eventually you’ll get that luck and win a game you shouldn’t.

    Great stuff!

  2. Vodun says:

    I’ve been there many of times hehe. It really makes you think there is something wrong with the RNG. Ah, what can you do. I’ve been on the good side of it multiple times too.

    I played one game with my goblin team against a Dark Elf team where I was actually killing and injuring his players and I didnt have any secret weapons on the field and only 1 troll that was stupid. He ended up quitting at half time with 2 players dead, a few injured, I scored 2 TD’s and I was starting the 2nd half with 3 secret weapons on the field.
    I felt bad for him but I was on a roll and wasn’t going to hold back.

  3. pkudude99 says:

    The math for rolling 4 consecutive 1’s is 1 in 1296. Yeah — fairly rare. Sometimes that RNG just gets you. I had something similar happen to me playing Battletech way back in the day. Had a nice 80-ton Clan mech all set to lay out some serious hurt, but he rolled 2 hits with medium laser on me and somehow got a 12 for the location roll both times. Mech completely undamaged other than that, but no head = dead mech. And that mech was ver 1/3 of my total tonnage in that battle, so losing its damage soaing ability as well as its offensive output…. yeah, I lost bad.

    Unlucky dice :-(

  4. Zapatero says:


    With luck like that, I look forward to playing you in week 2… though I suspect luck won’t feature so heavily in our encounter. Hopefully my team of rotting meat can soak up the punishment.

  5. coppertopper says:

    Off Topic: Curious how you can shrug this off but rant at the RNG in other cases. Because the RNG is a motherlover IRL.

    • SynCaine says:

      You go into BB expecting the RNG to be rather extreme, sometimes in your favor, sometimes against. It’s a huge part of the game, and makes it very different from ‘traditional’ strategy games were you have control over 90% of what happens, and only 10% is RNG-controlled.

      BTW, what RNG have I ranted about before? I mean I’m sure I have, but I can’t think of anything right now.

      • coppertopper says:

        Must have been thinking of another blogger! Does Steam’s BB have single player?

        • SynCaine says:

          Yea the Steam version is the same as off the official site. It has a story mode, along with a campaign and one-off tourneys. The AI is decent too, considering the games complexity.

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