100% pure entertainment rant

Not MMO or even gaming related, but this rant is one of the best I’ve heard in… ever?

I mean it’s passionate, it’s angry, and unlike many rants, it’s not just the same few sentences repeated over and over. It’s 13 minutes long, but honestly, it’s well worth it even if you don’t care one bit about the Redskins or Football.

Just pure entertainment here.

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3 Responses to 100% pure entertainment rant

  1. As a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, I’m loving that rant even more.

  2. Muckbeast says:


    That was epic.

    As someone who went to high school and college (Georgetown) in the DC area, it had some personal meaning as well.

  3. Cupp221 says:

    Thanks for that. I’m a born-and-raised Pittsburgh guy, and that rant struck a chord with me as a Pirates baseball fan. They have the longest consecutive losing seasons record in all of sports, with no end in sight.

    Seems that many owners just want to make money and ruin the legacy set before them.

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