M&B:Warband modding, round one

Round one of Mount and Blade modding complete, and here are the results.

I started by installing the entire Floris Mod Pack. The install was super easy, and the first time I loaded it up everything worked, so huge plus there. Floris is not a total overhaul of Warband, but it does change so many things that it comes close, and for me, at this point, it was TOO much.

I’m also the type that if something makes 95% of a game better, but 5% of it worse, that 5% bothers me enough not to justify the 95% improvement, and that’s how I feel about the mod pack at this point. The expanded items, some of the UI changes, the graphics stuff, all of those were very nice. But then the small ‘bugs’ (like a lord not wearing his armor to a feast), the imbalances (AI not using spear-based units well), and the little stuff (new water texture looks great, except at the start of a river, where it looks terrible) add up in my mind and, well, I’m back to playing Native mode.

I think I’ll go back to the Floris pack at some point, as I would like to see what it does in the long run, but not yet.

That said I have installed some of the graphic upgrades separately, like the Graphic Boost Pack and Blood enhancement tweak. I also grabbed the Arena Overhaul mod, which is really great. I tried to install the Better Banner mod, but got an error when loading it up, and rather than fiddle with it, I just removed it. If anyone is aware of other good mods, feel free to post them.

Right now I’ve started a new game with the Nord faction, seeing how much better I can do this time around. So far the big challenge has been getting the King to accept me as a vassal (did not start as a noble), and hunting down bandits and such was not working with a 40+ band of peasants. Many of them got cut, horses got bought for my companions, and things are rolling now.

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13 Responses to M&B:Warband modding, round one

  1. Torcano says:

    Started up yesterday but only really had a couple hours to play, so to be honest my main experience so far is with character creation. Only gripe being that the ‘flavor-text’ options that set your base skills give no actual statistic information, making it somewhat of a guessing game (unless I am missing something?) to build exactly how you want.

    Combat is phenomenal, I think it does horse-based combat better and more realistically than any game I’ve ever played. I think using a lance will take some getting used to, but the mere fact that the engine takes into account momentum and mass for damage is amazing enough to make it more than worth it.

    • SynCaine says:

      I have the same issue with character creation, especially because the selection has NO impact on the game other than starting stats (and whether or not you are a noble). No one refers to you as a veteran warrior or shop keeper, so why not show the stats/skills.

      Combat is indeed layered. Just last night I was working on getting the most out of a lance charge due to a tourney I really needed to win. It’s tough, and making a mistake can be huge.

      • Torcano says:

        Maybe I just fail at the internet, but I can’t even find a player-made summary of the different options stat-wise. Surely this is the sort of thing that would appear immediately?

        It is extremely mind-boggling though when they dictate such a huge part of your starting character, and the rest of the game is so well thought out.

        The only real consistent thing I’ve read (albeit I haven’t spent long) is being a noble and which selections give you the best starting horses.

  2. Sleepysam says:

    So, how often does Steam have a sale on this title?

    • SynCaine says:

      It’s happened a few times now, but I don’t remember if it was ever as cheap as it was during X-mas. Even for $20 though I think it’s a steal.

  3. Saucelah says:

    Is Warband an expansion only or a standalone game?

  4. Dril(ski) says:

    Out of interest: have you only played single-player so far, or almost all single-player? I ask because I kind of did the exact opposite to you when I bought it: I spent (and spend) nearly all my time in the game on the multiplayer servers.

    • SynCaine says:

      All single player. Zero interest in multi. I’m not a huge deathmatch fan to begin with, and can only imagine the shenanigans that go into M&B PvP. Plus the whole “I could just play DF for PvP” thing.

      • Nitsud says:

        DF doesn’t hold a candle to M&B for melee lovers. Sadly no persistence unless you play crpg but its still incredibly challenging and rewarding. I’m also horrible at singleplayer, everytime a small decent army built up something like sea raiders wipes me and I have to start over and eventually I just say screw it go get beat down in multi.

  5. Kyff says:

    trouble is that the different bandits do differ noticeable in strength and loot tables. In my recollection the bandits in nord Territory are pirates. The hardest type of bandits. Maybe you should start out hunting wood-bandits or hill-bandits (I’m playing a localized version. No idea how the bandits are called in english).

    So in order to impress your king you probably should do quests for him or join a war as a mercenary first. Alternativeley you could take your troops to the training grounds before taking on pirates. However the advancement and wages might be a bit too expensive for all 40 of your band with the meagre income you have at start.

    • SynCaine says:

      Sea Raiders for the Nords, and yea, they are tough. The biggest problem was actually catching them, as groups of 10-15 moved faster than my band of 40ish. When I caught them I did alright.

      Update today on my game, as it’s been interesting.

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