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Business is about to pick up

Little programming update for everyone: I’ve accepted a new job, which means two very important things. The first of course is here (yes, this post is 99% an excuse to link to that song, because come on, its awesome), the second is … Continue reading

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Mount and Blade: Bannerlord fears and anticipation

I have a subscription to PC Gamer magazine, which you might consider a bit odd given the amount of PC gaming news I read online. In part, its a nostalgia thing, but its also a decent way to read about … Continue reading

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Battle Brothers:Death comes in many forms

The best stories in gaming aren’t written by developers, but by you. The best stories in gaming are often enabled by developers who set the table, who provide the environment, but then let you drive the narrative and its ultimate … Continue reading

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My top 10 Steam titles in terms of /played

I like to look at my Steam ‘most played’ list, in large part because it combines the enjoyment of numbers and the strange addiction of lists. It’s not a complete view of my gaming history, given that my Steam account … Continue reading

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Mount and Blade: Bannerlord siege

I mean… why are you not taking my money already? I’ve been hyped for a lot of games over the years, I don’t know that any matches Bannerlord, in large part because I’ve played Warband more than any non-MMO game … Continue reading

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Time as a measure of greatness

I often give ‘reviews’ of games here. Sometimes official reviews (whatever that means), and sometimes just some random thoughts about a game I’m currently playing. I’ve now been playing games for multiple decades, and have likely written about hundreds here … Continue reading

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Back to Mount and Blade

The more things change… I’m still grinding out the story in The Witcher 3, but holy cow is it tough sledding, and at this point 95% of the entertainment is seeing how far down the derp trail this game goes.Example:  … Continue reading

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