MMO bloggers obligatory Minecraft post

Because my gaming time is so wide open (sarcasm), I picked up Minecraft to play with my two favorite carebears, Remastered and Allerion. As many know or have read, Minecraft is in many ways the ultimate sandbox world, as you can literally build and destroy anything, and ‘just doing stuff’ is about as deep as the game gets. There is no ‘end-game’, there is no progression path, and really, there are no goals beyond what you yourself make.

In a lot of ways it feels more like a tech demo than an actual game, but its one very impressive tech demo. From its oldschool-style graphics (Aria thought I was playing Wolfenstein 3D (if you don’t know Wolfenstein 3D, gtfo WoW kiddie!)), it’s use of sound/music, the simple yet effective control scheme, and just how massive the world it generates is, it just does a lot of things well. And if you are someone who sorts their MMO bank according to crafting tiers (can’t have the t3 stuff in the same row/col as the t2 stuff!), Minecraft is going to keep you very, very busy.

At least for a bit. I do wonder just how long it can keep you entertained. Sure, exploring a cavern is great fun the first time, or the second, but what about the 10th? Especially once you have a good collection of rare-ish materials? Building a base is a blast, but are you really going to get hyped building your 5th?

Now of course this is where the sandbox part comes in, and if you have creative players, they will find crazy stuff to do. Certainly for some, it’s endless content. At the same time, the game right now is a great baseline for something much greater, be it direct-dev content or some mod-run stuff. Take the core engine, edit some of the rules around it, build up a world, and you could get some really interesting stuff.

For now though, I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my lighthouse, Allerion will keep playing gardener (like I said, total carebear) and Remastered will likely continue to fall into lava with an inventory full of rare ore.

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12 Responses to MMO bloggers obligatory Minecraft post

  1. bonedead says:

    What is the PvP like?

  2. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Wolfenstein 3D? You mean that remake of the original used to play back in the day on my Apple ][+?

    Now there was a game.

  3. Remastered says:

    I specialize in rare ore disposal.

  4. Obmar says:

    any interest in Rift guys?

    i have extra beta keys…

  5. Dril says:

    Longevity wise: like Mount&Blade, multiplayer is where it’s at. It’s great fun, really, and so much more rewarding to have a load of freedom in a psuedo-MMO environment.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m telling you Syncaine, you can’t go downstairs in your lighthouse.

    • SynCaine says:

      1: Learn to sign comment Kyir.
      2: Prepare to be stomped in BB.
      3: I’ll look into it. Remastered Carebear screwed up the server (again), so maybe he undid some of the work.

      That or you play Minecraft as well as you play LoL…

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