After 1000+ posts, little has changed

A thousand posts over close to four years is a lot of writing, it’s a lot of opinions, and it’s the publicly viewable history of one gamer. In four years of anything, things are bound to change. Hell, since starting this very blog I’ve had three different jobs, built a house, and got married. Yet go read the very first post of this blog, and tell me how much things have really changed here (sorry the format is a bit odd, copy/paste fail from way back).

Which is not to say that if you read all 1000+ posts, each and every single one of them will align perfectly, or that you won’t find me bashing something I praised earlier. Over the course of 1000+ posts you say a lot of stuff, and more than one post was written with a bit of seething rage-drool or double-rainbow joy. Yet my ‘core values’ of a gamer have remained intact. I still believe challenging content is ‘better’ than easier content. I still believe that players themselves are the ultimate form of content in an MMO. I’m still more of a UO guy than an EQ fan.

And I don’t think that’s going to change whenever I ding 2000+ posts.

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2 Responses to After 1000+ posts, little has changed

  1. smee, T says:

    This poking at bloggers that have changed? They were just following Obama’s advice!

  2. Mala says:

    Until WoW somehow manages to kill itself, the MMO landscape isn’t going to undergo any significant changes. No matter how many new games come out, we’ll still be in basically the same landscape. Luckily, I suspect I’ll outlive WoW, and I’m a patient man.

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