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For a while now I’ve wondered why we don’t have a computer game version of Warhammer Fantasy Battle or Warhammer 40k. I don’t mean the ‘spin-off’ style games; I mean a direct port of the rules and miniatures, all playable on a turn-based PC game, ala Blood Bowl. I suspect it’s because Games Workshop would rather you buy hundreds of dollars worth of miniatures rather than a $50 PC game, and if that is indeed the case, then damn you GW!

That’s most likely why Blood Bowl was made, because it’s a niche product in the niche world of Warhammer, and total miniature sales must have been tiny anyway. Again, if that’s the case, boo GW, but it does make sense.

Which is why, if I could program/draw/other-stuff worth a damn, I would make a Necromunda PC game. And then retire on my personal island to play Darkfall 24/7 in peace. Because the game would just be dripping in pure awesome.

Think about it, what do MMO/RPG gamers love? We love customizing a character, skilling up, and getting sweet gear. And you know the only thing better than customizing one character, skilling him up, and getting him some sweet gear? Doing it for a whole gang! Plus the F2P/RMT possibilities are just as silly as they are in League of Legends; custom skins for gang members, custom gang insignias, special ‘fancy effects’ versions of weapons (same stats, just epeen-pony-like sparkle), etc. People would eat it up.

The game itself could also take advantage of technology, with the game handling complex collision/cover calculations, in addition to “can’t do that in IRL” stuff like destructible environments and character damage. Additional free content updates would include new maps, which would be delivered as new areas for gangs to control and fight over, all launched from a simple lobby interface much like Blood Bowl.

Online you can track your gang’s stats, hire new recruits, customize the look, etc. Then you go and challenge another player for his territory, or have someone challenge you for one of yours, or you both queue up for different scenarios. Since the core rules would be in effect, gang members can die or sustain permanent injuries, and the size of your gang is related to how much territory you control. The bigger you get, the bigger the target on your back.

Note that if someone with great coding skills is reading this, and you know some really sweet artist who can do the graphics (bonus points if he can do sound), feel free to email me and we can discuss how to spend our upcoming millions.



PS: GW, if you want me to be the lead developer on your upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Battle or Warhammer 40k tabletop interpretation, I have some time available. Don’t worry, I won’t Mythic you.

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8 Responses to Smartest guy in the room

  1. Vodun says:

    I would be all over necromunda.
    I’ve read (somewhere) a while ago (around the time the BB pc game was released) that there were talks of manowar and necromunda being made… But who knows

    • Nadezhda says:

      Why give the illusion of ciohce? Why wouldn’t they want to put role play back into mmorpgs? I admit that not having enough light/dark points will definitely be problematic (if this is indeed how it works) but I think the ciohce is integral to the story. It invests the player in what is going on.Maybe its not perfect for endgame min/maxing but I think they made the right decision.Hopefully there isn’t a need for any kind of light/dark grind, but if there is, how is that different from any other MMO that has come before it anyway? Not a good argument for it, but I can’t really knock them either.Have to agree about the two faction mechanic. It just doesn’t work as far as social games go and I’m tired of being seperated from my friends because I have very slightly different tastes in avatar or lore background.Oh and as you say, nothing is black and white. Just because a jedi/sith can’t switch sides it doesn’t mean he can’t be ruthless/kind etc.

  2. Mig says:

    It would be very easy to copy whatever you did for Necromunda and make the fantasy version, Mordheim. You could also add vehicles and make Gorkamorka. So 3 games with different flavors for whatever settings people prefer all from similar game design.

  3. Hans Brix says:

    As a followup to your earlier post, I thought I should mention that EVE did rifts before RIFT too.

  4. Der_Nachbar says:

    Id like the fantasy version better, Mortheim :)
    But generally good idea.

  5. Trippin Ninja says:

    I just got into WAR40K tabletop and I feel your pain. Dawn of War II is fun but being limited to just 4 squads was kind of a bummer. I agree that it probably boils down to money. I’m blown away by how expensive the models are and I often wonder if they would make more money in the long run if they lowered the prices some. I think that not only would you see more customers buying product but you would probably see more people owning multiple armies.

  6. Crito says:

    Going from strat board games to GW tabletop made me realize just how broken the rules are and how focused the community is on the modeling hobby. I mean, that’s find if you like to paint, but a pc version would only expose how broken the rules are.

    (I’m particularly thinking of vampire lords being way over-powered while other races would be laughable to bring into serious tournament play. Not so sure how 40K is but I don’t expect much better.)

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