Someone apply already!

We need one more team for our Blood Bowl league. Pick a race that has not already been accepted.

Name: Inquisition Hardcore Casual Pro Circuit

PW: INQ (all caps)

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Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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10 Responses to Someone apply already!

  1. Hudson says:

    Too hard to find your league in that terrible interface. What is the name under? As above? Sorting does not find it.

    • SynCaine says:

      I think you can just type in Inquisition into the search and find the league. And yes, the UI sucks. For everything. Managing a league is about twice as difficult as you could imagine. But hey, the game itself is fun.

  2. Mark says:

    I might jump in the next one, I picked up the game a few weeks ago but haven’t had time to get caught up on the game again…too busy at work!

  3. WTM says:

    Would be keen, but only got the game before Xmas on the sale, and not played it enough to really be competitive yet.

    Would definitely be keen the next round… So please keep running this.

    • SynCaine says:

      We have a range of players in the league, not everyone is a pro (or anyone, for that matter). Plus with his semi-random BB can be, you always have a shot.

      • WTM says:

        Well, might well give it a try if the spot’s still free…. After all every competition needs a winner of the wooden spoon.

  4. Sightless says:

    I put in an app. Havent played a ton of blood bowl yet though. Should be interesting….

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