The Sims: Medieval

Am I the only one who thinks The Sims: Medieval looks interesting?

Yea, just me?

Alright, that’s cool. Just me in my carebear kingdom then.

EG Review: The animations look good, much like the animations in The Sims 3 were very entertaining. I am worried that you can’t actually build the castle/town/kingdom block by block, but rather everything is pre-made, which is very un-Sims-like. Plus it’s EA; they find a way to screw stuff up far too often. Hopefully though the game is a smash hit, my stock portfolio could use it (don’t get me started on selling Nvidia to pick up EA).


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4 Responses to The Sims: Medieval

  1. Randomessa says:

    You are not at all the only one (although I am dubious company). I look forward to losing many days of my life to this in March (possibly more than to Rift).

  2. Saylah says:

    Even though we stray quickly from each expansion because it can’t hold our attention like MMOs, we still buy ’em all. Themed setups are so time consuming because you have to use mods to make all the townies show up in the appropriate clothes on your lot and re do everything in the neighborhood. Medieval is a very popular theme for The Sims along with Harry Potter and Regency/Victorian.

    I’m not as fond of Medieval as I once was but I will be giving this a try. I hope they do regency/Victorian/Edwardian. I’d be all over that – for a few weeks at least.

  3. Kilratha says:

    I am looking forward to it just to try it out. The time you can spend in it, vs how much it usually costs is low. Not to mention the fun factor of finding creative ways for your sims to die.(or succeed…but usually die).

  4. bariwyn says:

    As a player of the last 2 some games, I would only be interested if I don’t have to deal with the same annoyances as in the last 2. It doesn’t take anyone an hour to make and eat a sandwich. It doesn’t take anyone 30 minutes to use the the restroom (healthy people at least). If the setting gets rid of these exaggerated time sinks, then I will be there.

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