Dear Trion: Entry #1

Dear Trion:,

Add a ‘quest item’ hotbar button to the default UI. Anytime I have an item that I need to use during a quest, it goes into that slot. Nothing else can be placed there. The slot should be located somewhere above or near the actual hotbar(s). Bonus points if the slot dynamically changes based on the proximity of a quest objective in the event that I have 2+ of such items. Also feel free to remove the quest item(s) from my bag and store them someplace else, since I don’t find quest items cluttering my inventory ‘interesting gameplay’.

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  1. Dril says:

    There’s a really tiny quest item button above each quest on the tracker. I didn’t notice it at first, and it could be bigger, but I think putting it right in the action bar and saying “click this, stupid” is a bit much and a bit too, well, current WoW.

    • SynCaine says:

      WoW has this feature? When did some fan add that?

      • Dril says:

        Well, not really, but some of the quests have a massive yellow sign pop up saying “USE ITEM X NOW.” Gee, thanks, WoW.

      • Mala says:

        A useable button for the item shows up next to the quest in your quest tracker as part of the default UI, but it doesn’t show up in a special bar. Thats been a part of WoW since Wrath was released though if I remember correctly from WotLK beta….that was a while back though.

  2. Bhagpuss says:

    My irony detector seems to have gone completely these days. Assuming neither the OP nor the reply to Dril are ironic…

    Rift has had this feature since Beta 1. There’s a quest at some point early on, probably in the tutorial, that explains it. Personally I still tend to drag the item from my pack to a hotbar and use it from there, because I like doing stuff like that (and I like removing quest items manually from my bags later too. So sue me. I think, however, that the intention is that they auto-remove, because most do, so really we should bug report those that don’t).

    What WoW has I have no idea. Or interest.

    • SynCaine says:

      Now I’m very confused.

      Rift has this already as well? But it does not auto-enable or is not located near the hotbar? Because I’ve not seen it when I’ve played (note that I’m skipping all quest text right now so I can read it all during my ‘real’ play-through when it goes live)

      • PeterD says:

        The quest tracker that shows your progress on quests (usually) on the far right of your screen, has a little clickable icon next to the name of the quest for any usable quest item. It’s not quite what you were asking for, but it’s still pretty convenient.

        The main issues are the size (the icons are tiny) and that if the quest isn’t currently shown in the tracker you obviously won’t have the icon.

        I think a mini-hotbar with all that stuff might be useful, though they’ll then be out of context and you’ll still risk running out of available slots.

        It might be better if instead they made the quest tracker icons bigger, and made quest tracking more intelligent — as in the tracker shows the quests you’re closest to at the top of the tracker, so if you’re in the area to use a quest item that quest will be at the top of the list.

        • SynCaine says:

          Hmmm, interesting. Well in that case, it should be moved, as I’m still more likely to hotbar an item then click a small icon near the top-right of my screen (at 1900×1200 its a good distance away from the center).

        • bonedead says:

          If your WoW-Fu was greater you’d have no problems with this and would’ve found it prior to mentioning its nonexistence!

      • Randomessa says:

        It’s not in your hotbar; it’s in your quest log UI on the right side of the screen. Right next to the quest name is a tiny button; that’s your interactable quest item.

  3. Red says:

    Yeah it’s right next to the quest name. The button is tiny so it took me a while to notice them, since I skipped the beginner tips too.

  4. Arrin says:

    There was originally a WoW addon called Questhelper that first had the feature of putting the quest item in the Quest UI under the minimap. WoW patch 3.3 (or maybe even Cata) added this to the native game client. If you are like me, it was nice to have that out in the open rather then digging through bags to find an item.

    I do really like the idea of adding it to the Action Bar automatically because in Rift’s current state, the icon is way to small and hard to find.

  5. Bhagpuss says:

    I know many people are in the habit of skipping quest text, but really, if you don’t read the tutorial tips and text in a brand-new game you can’t complain if you miss out on some feature that’s explained there. (Yes, I am one of those deeply annoying people who reads the manual cover to cover before installing the game. Or even plugging in a toaster).

    I agree that the icons they are using are too small, though. I’ll feedback that next beta.

    • SynCaine says:

      I did read most (maybe even all) of the pop-ups that tell you about the game, I just skipped all of the actual quest text. Was this feature introduced in some quest text, or in one of the pop-ups? If it was a pop-up I must have missed it, which is my bad.

      Edit: That said, I still say move it near the hotbar and make it bigger.

  6. Saylah says:

    In late but yes both games have an icon on the quest tracker but I move the items to an area I reserve on my hot bar for limited use items such as those, random scrolls, potions, etc.



    • SynCaine says:

      Hate you.

      • Saucelah says:

        Don’t hate him. Nobody harassed Bears fans when they lost because no one expects the Bears to win.

        It’s envy and jealousy. And it’s sad.

        A poll by the Hollywood reporter ranking the 10 most hated men in the NFL placed Tom Brady (third) above Rapistburger (fourth) — apparently, sexual assault isn’t as bad as success for most Americans.

        • TEH NIECO!!! says:

          Not jealous of Steelers winning ***3*** (as of sunday) super bowls in the past 6 years, when the Pats have won… 0 in that time…

          Brady has taken a page from Manning’s book the past few years and is now the king of choke in the playoffs.

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          ** Honestly, you think a chick following Ben around to bars all night didn’t want it? **

          Syn, I love you man.

        • SynCaine says:

          Pittsburgh might win it’s 3rd despite Ben, NE wins them thanks to Brady. Not even remotely on the same level. Not to mention the only time the Steelers make it to the SB is when they don’t have to face the Pats, so…

          You coming around MA anytime soon? PAX is in March, Aria and I have full weekend passes.

        • Remastered says:

          Aren’t you supposed to be out picking us more dreamfoil??

  8. TEH NIECO!!! says:

    What the crap is PAX? And I was going to but financially probably not going to happen, fairly broke actually. Not sure how. I was rich a couple weeks ago. I am coming out next summer though because my brother is getting married but I don’t see getting any time away for that. Dude I switched phones don’t have your number, don’t even have your facebook lol. Your email on this page valid? I’ll email ya.

  9. nieco says:

    By the way its not our fault the pats always choke before we get to play them…

  10. nieco says:

    Got the dreamfoil in the bank dog. Master long time no talk… I need to get you my contact info somehow…. You gonna play Diablo 3 or you gonna puss out and dedicate your time to RL?

  11. Saucelah says:

    ^ In NH, stalking you Syncaine

  12. Saucelah says:

    It’s a big maybe. I’m freelance writing for income at the moment. But the head of our modest operation has a big interview tomorrow, err this morning, so I might be a bit less poor soon!

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