Digital Storm computer pictures

Longer post tomorrow, but here are a few pictures of the new system.

The insides, fresh from the shop.

From off to ready in just 2.5

The Real Prize: T=Shirt Time!

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20 Responses to Digital Storm computer pictures

  1. WTM says:

    Same case as me….

    Actually had my case about 6 months now, and it has proven to be worth every cent I spent on it, so can confirm you won’t regret your choice.

  2. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Heh, same case that I have as well, though I didn’t get the extra window on the side panel. I just have the big fan.

    The big fans are nice and quiet.

    Looks like the same heatsink as mine as well, though with the optional second fan attached.

    They did a much nice job of running your cables than I did on my own system. :)

    • WTM says:

      Those three big fans make such a big difference…

      And I agree with Wilhem, they have kept the inside of your machine looking nice and tidy….

  3. Wilhelm2451 says:

    I take that back, my case is the 922, so it is a couple of drive bays shorter, but it is otherwise the same case. Don’t spill a soda into the big fan grate in the top of the case!

  4. Zinn says:

    There isn’t much like fixing up your new, fresh, untainted computer. Installing all the games and programs you like. Taking it for a test run and awe at how much it kicks your old computers ass. People talk about the first time your hold your child in your arms, but I don’t think that comes close.

    • WTM says:


      Who needs children when you have a decent PC, and anyway, you can’t just trade in children for a newer model when they get too old, or start breaking parts.

      • Torcano says:

        Wow, so you found a company that takes old comps and just gives you a new replacement upon trading the old piece of crap in?

        God and here the rest of us are actually BUYING new computers.

  5. Saucelah says:

    Impressive T-shirt.

  6. Remastered says:

    Coke Zero…excellent choice.

    • Torcano says:

      Coke Zero is the pussy choice for dipshits sitting on the fence between Coke and Diet Coke.

      Its a shittier version of both.

      • SynCaine says:

        Coke is disgusting. Diet Coke is my preference if I’m drinking soda (usually don’t), but really it’s just whatever Aria buys and puts in the fridge, and currently that’s Coke Zero. It does taste like a slightly off version of Diet Coke though.

  7. Mbp says:

    Nice rig Syncaine, congratz.

    What does “HAF” stand for?

  8. WTM says:

    HAF – High Air Flow

  9. bonedead says:

    Nice dolls, brother!

  10. SynCaine says:

    Rage-induced error.

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