FedEx sucks

No computer until Monday. Thanks. Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Gankalicious says:


    Condolences mate. I hate being without my computer even if I have no plans to use it (like that ever happens).

  2. smee, T says:


  3. mbp says:

    Stop gap solution to tide you over till Monday:

    Go to your existing PC – Load up Crysis 2 or similar rig breaking game. Move all graphical and performance settings to “Extreme”. Launch game in slide show mode.

    Now sit in front of screen with palms outstretched breathe slowly and deeply as you chant a mantra and let your body slip into a deep meditation trance where time seems almost to stand still. Then you can play the game at 1 frame per second and it will seem as smooth as silk to you.

    PS. IF you are having difficulty with the deep meditation I believe Benzodiazepine can have a similar effect – health warnings apply.

    PPS. Happy Birthday

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