I should get hacked more often

Remember this little encounter?

It seems Trion thinks that ‘delayed’ response is worth 30 days of game time AND all of the weapon boost tokens you could receive from various pre-order deals.

Just another day in a clone themepark. Basically.

Copy/Paste of the email text below:

Greetings Ascended,

Our goal here at Trion is to deliver the highest quality games and a superior customer experience.

Recently, you had to wait through an exceptional delay during the processing of your request for support — a delay that did not and will not meet our high bar for responsiveness. For that, you have our sincere apologies.

This is not the experience that you should expect from Trion Worlds. To help make up for the delay, we have:

  • Credited your account 30 days of play time.
  • Bestowed via in-game mail, to all your current and future characters, a full set of the special RIFT pre-order bonus weapon enchant runes that you may not have had previously.

No action is required on your end. These items and days of play time have already been added to your Trion Worlds account.

We know this does not entirely make up for the frustration you have encountered, but this is our way of thanking you for your patience.

Please know that Trion Customer Service will continue working tirelessly through our support requests. Between recently expanded Customer Support staffing and improvements in our own tools, we are on track to resolve matters more quickly in the future.

I want to personally thank you for your continued support of Trion Worlds, and I hope you continue to enjoy RIFT.

Best regards,

Craig P.
Director of Customer Service & QA
Trion Worlds

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Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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24 Responses to I should get hacked more often

  1. Shukaro says:

    Wow, that is some amazing customer service. Kudos to you, sir.

  2. Derrick says:

    Impressive! While I’ve no interest in carebear themepark games, it’s good to see Trion going the extra mile for thier customers.

    It’s sad, that having good customer service is the exception, but there you have it. Kudos to Trion!

    How long did it take them to get you all fixed up, anyways?

  3. DeSlisser says:

    Quite a compensation for a few lost hours. Syn, you think your action to, and I quote you:”Play(ed) the “I’m kind of a big deal” card around 10pm March 18th” has anything to do with this?

    Liking your posts on the game, so happy you got incentive to play bit more.

    P.s. which of those Weapon boost tokens you like best?

    • Eudaimonia says:

      There are reports on the forums of other players who received the same boilerplate email/compensation package, so my guess is just about everyone who was hacked got this particular service.

      Kind of makes me wish I was hacked too… it’d be nice to have a full set of those runes =D.

  4. Azreal says:

    Jelly :)

  5. Spidubic says:


  6. bonedead says:

    I was gonna say, BS, celebrity treatment bs! But then I googled it and apparently a lot of people are getting it. Cool beans.

    • DeSlisser says:

      So I bought the expensive edition for EUR 10 more to get the turtle and one weapon boost token. Then some dude who doesn’t keep his password save, thus got himself hacked, gets all of the weapon booster AND 30 days play time(syn, no reference to you in specific, nor any pun intended) ;p. Thats approximately EUR 25,-… which I, if I choose to play after my 30 days expire, have to put on the table… Trion!! What kind of message are you trying to get across with your paying customers..? bit mixed huh.. :D

      Seriously considering putting in a couple of tickets too, hahaha

      • Devastator says:

        Actually the security hole didn’t require anyone getting your password… it was Trion’s fault actually. That being said, it sounds like they are treating their customers well… if you couldn’t log into your account for a week or something, I bet you would want similar treatment ;)

      • Shadow says:

        The hacked players weren’t also paying customers?

        QQ more.

  7. SM says:

    Gosh, maybe I should open multiple tickets in the hopes of getting free shinies for bad customer service!

  8. Drew says:

    That’s a nice bonus for you, but this actually strikes me as a costly and unnecessary measure for Trion at this point. We’re not talking about the FFXIV release, here. /wrists

    • SynCaine says:

      It is indeed costly, which makes me believe Rift is doing pretty damn well from a financial standpoint if they are willing to eat such a cost right now for the benefit of some good PR and whatever future benefits that might bring.

      • Drew says:

        Yep; and much of that good PR has come from the developers’ interaction with the playerbase. Hence my feeling of it being a win-more scenario, rather than good business sense. Save that trump card for when you might really need it, eh?

  9. imrys says:

    Not sure if you heard but DF got a patch. WTF is so awesome in Carebearland I will never understand. Come home Syn, come home…

    • SynCaine says:

      Indeed it did. Curious to see how common fishing ships become, and whether more ship-v-ship battles break out. The meditation stat change was pretty solid IMO.

  10. Paragus says:

    Not a fan of the game personally, but that is great customer service. Impressive.

  11. pkudude99 says:

    “Full set of weapon enchants?”

    I’m curious about this one. I thought there was just the single enchant and that was it.

    • SynCaine says:

      I believe there is one per element, although I’ve yet to receive my in-game mail with them. The one I have is fire.

      • Vitrol says:

        I have life (green) and most of my guild has death? Purple glow?

      • pkudude99 says:

        I habe the one that gives END and Death resist, is all. Wish I had an array — I’d switch them up depending on the calling, but with that said — END is useful to all callings, so I don’t mind only having the one.

  12. Vitrol says:

    I’m in the same situation, actually for me it 7 days of no customer service at all before I just changed my password and moved on. Funny part of this is I still haven’t received the runes… Trion (the effort is there the execution often lacks).

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