LoL Tribunal – Who are these ‘people’?

Aria and I have done more than two dozen Tribunal reviews now, and not a single one was even borderline. Every. Single. One. was a clear demonstration that natural selection has failed us and that human stupidity knows no bounds.

The worst part of it all is that, presumable, the people we are reviewing are NOT the people who get insta-banned by Riot themselves. I’m actually having a tough time imagining what one would have to do to get that kind of attention. Clearly calling everyone on both teams bleep bleep bleeps in all caps, over and over, across ten games (and probably more, but the Tribunal only shows you ten) is not enough. Nor is going 0-19 while calling out the position of your teammates, over and over and over again. Or… well you get the point.

The funny thing is, 9/10 of my games these days are actually decent. Sure, I still get bads (hi Aria, get juked on), but bads balance out other bads and you can still have a decent game. At my ELO I can’t remember the last time I had someone who was truly out to ruin a game, or felt the need to exercise his capslock key in All chat. So clearly SOMETHING is working, as just a few months ago this was not the case.

But man, I log into the Tribunal and just witness horror show after horror show.

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  1. Snafzg says:

    According to some reds, we’re reviewing the worst of the worst right now. I don’t really know why they’re doing it that way though, maybe to test the community’s moral saliency vs. Riot’s own?

    I know what you mean about scum of the earth though. These people should be dealt with swiftly.

    I’m sure there’s quite a wide spectrum of morality in this community though. I made a forum post asking why Riot was only going to warn these scumbags instead of banning the worst of them as was inferred from their recent video spotlight. My thread got over a dozen downvotes and tons of people telling me to get thicker skin, grow a pair of balls, and quit being so petty because it was just a game.

    Really? Some people actually think it’s okay to ragequit a close game (or one you were winning) and waste the time of four of your allies? I can understand getting caught up in the heat of the moment, but to calmly justify it afterwards? What idiots…

    At least the president of Riot replied to my thread saying that the worst of these cases WOULD get punished beyond a simple warning in this first round. It’s good to know there are sane people in charge of that company who are willing to take out the trash instead of padding their active player roster with trolls.

    I really hope the Tribunal System accomplishes what it sets out to do… get the assholes to change their behaviour or make them hit the road.

    • Jezebeau says:

      They’re revoking tribunal privileges of people who consistently vote against the majority. By front-loading with the worst of the worst, you eliminate the minority who are really eager to troll the system before you start reviewing the grayer cases.

  2. Remastered says:

    Nieco and his box o’ wine give two thumbs down to any Tribunal system…

  3. Wyrmrider says:

    Wow… if I was level 30 I’d log in right now just to see the freak show. :)

    I’m glad Riot is trying out ways to clean up its community, and I hope they’re not afraid to ban people who just can’t act like reasonable human beings. Losing those accounts shouldn’t be a concern; the number of people who have left (or will leave) due to the poor community must be many, many times greater than the actual number of incorrigible trolls.

  4. Snafzg says:

    You should see our screenshot thread on the guild forums. Wow… Here’s a little taste for you:

  5. Saucelah says:

    Is the Tribunal only now up and running? I thought that happened months ago.

  6. Kyir says:

    I just reviewed a guy just like you Syncaine.

    He gave up first blood way too easy.

    Neener neener.

  7. Paragus says:

    Says it all….

  8. Zaurox says:

    Honestly I just tried out the tribunal a little for the second time…..Shiiiiieeeeet you don’t even need to look at the screen at all…..It’s been 100% punish ever since I started using the tribunal they are like 8 year olds fighting about toys and calling each other things……

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