Oh Bobby, you dumb gamer-hating puppet

Linking to this because it’s hilarious.

Only thing better would have been for the EA rep to inform Bobby’s aid that the BF3 demo is for gamers only, and that he is not ‘elite’ enough to see it. Sell that for a buck.

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  1. Wingpie says:

    i heard the second one wasnt that good, what makes you think the third one will be much better?

    Either way, I don’t get all the Bobby hate. I don’t agree with him and his view on games much of the time, but to be fair I have to give him respect…

    Activision is actually making money, EA isn’t. So the fact that so many gamers hate him makes it even sweeter for him, since his company is one of the only ones who is really still making money from videogames at the moment. So you can love EA and the rest all the want, but he is still the one who is going to be in business in half a decade while at this rate EA won’t be.

    • Tzadiel says:

      In bad economic times, the Mafia has displayed the ability to continue making money (consult U.S. history circa 1920-1940). Would your aesthetics demand that you be “fair” and “give [them] respect?”

      I respect capitalism when it takes the form of “rational self-interest.” But Master Kotick doesn’t understand rational self interest. He only understands exploitation of a resource. That is why he reaps so much hate from gamers. Bobby Kotick is a the business version of the guy who wants to use every exploit possible to complete raids and rack up kills (do not confuse the concept of exploits with rational tools).

      • Wingpie says:

        Umm, you seem to make really wild connections.
        Exploitations? No one is forcing these gamers to buy the latest COD. As far as I can see they are quality games that fill a need in a market. If they stop doing that, then they will fall behind. Sure I don’t see Activision as a source of inspiration in terms of new dramatic game design or anything like that… But that obviously know their business and what their customers want, with the marketing of course.
        I can’t disagree with results, Bobby gets results. Any opinion you may have is effectively useless since he is the one getting results; an opinion is thin air, it is NOTHING. Money talks, it is real.
        Comparing Bobby to Mafia just seems stupid to me, almost as bad as a Godwin. Mafia threaten livelihoods. I could easily say that Bobby brings enjoyment to many peoples lives, which he does; so maybe you should be comparing him to a charity? Many people love the COD series, and obviously their money speaks when they buy it.

      • SynCaine says:

        My guess is the original guys responsible for CoD disagree with you.

        Not to mention, while making money IS important, other companies have found a way to not just grab every last dollar, but also help move the industry forward. This happens in just about any industry as well, the whole “cooperate responsibility” and “good citizen” thing. When Bobby admits he views all of gaming as a cow to be milked, it’s tough to respect him as a positive force, regardless of how many sheep line up for CoD every year.

        • Wingpie says:

          See my last reply. Without Activision there would be no COD in the first place. They rightfully owned the right to it and poured millions risking on it.
          It was I.W. that not only went behind their backs, but purposely put a silly level into the game that Activision never wanted.
          It was also I.W. that first detached PC gamers, it was them throwing slang at them; not activision.
          But w/e believe all the rubbish from bad sources with horrible opinions. Activision gave I.W. jobs and everything they needed including a work places on the beachside in CAL and they mucked it up… mucked it up ON purpose. These are million developers here, I.W. are NOT some little guy artistic developers Activision was picking on.

        • SynCaine says:

          I’m curious why you are so pro-ATVI (I hope it’s not because you own stock, because if it is, I’m sorry), but when CoD starts slipping in quality, are you going to come back and pin the blame on Bobby for how he handled the situation?

        • Wingpie says:

          Who ever said I was pro-activision?
          As for COD slipping in quality, I haven’t really ever played the series.

          To answer both of the above statements: I just know that what ever they are doing keeps working for them. Their future has nothing to do with anything, I just know what is happening now; and what is happening is EA is draining in loses and Activision is swimming in cash. What ever fanboy opinion crap you can pull out is meaningless in the face of actually getting people to buy your product, and what people buy is the greatest way to determine quality since quality is solely dependent on the opinion of those who buy it.

          Put it this way, Activision system may be the only system that is actually effective at both making a high production video game and making money on it. Graphics and production costs have gotten to the point where the only way to make a buck is to do the same thing over and over with minor improvements.
          Do I want Activision’s way of doing this to be dominate? Of course not, like I said I disagree with many things they do… but what they do is working for them, so I cannot disagree in that sense.
          Do I think you should cut Bobby some slack? Like Bobby, I don’t really care… and Bobby doesn’t care because he is the one making the billions, why should he care what a few thousand fanboys say on the interwebs? And hence why he probably feels free to make silly comments like he does, because he doesn’t care.
          I honestly wish I could get so many people peeved off at one time. HEY! Maybe one day I can, I’ll get back to you. I’ll make the greatest game in the world and then I’ll say that Bobby is one of the greatest people who works in videogames, that’ll do well.

    • SynCaine says:

      I enjoyed BC2, so guessing I’ll like BC3.

      As for the Bobby hate, he has more than enough quotes out there that if you are a fan of gaming, give you plenty of reason to hate him. That he is the figurehead of a giant company, one that half has nothing to do with him (Blizzard), and the other that is milking one franchise (MW), well, not that impressive tbh.

      • Wingpie says:

        And others enjoy COD. Personally I’ve heard BF2 (BC2? IDK, w/e you spell it) is a grindy POS. So I’ve stayed right away from it b/c as an old CS player I HATE it when bad RPG design gets mucked up in what SHOULD be a skilled based FPS. I haven’t had so much trouble with COD, even though I’d prefer it without the progression; but obviously people commit to COD and BF2 and hence are reward while I prefer jump-in and jump-out arcade style.

        Like I said, I disagree with Bobby on many things on what he has said. Mostly to do with mechanics and the like. But I’m not going to be one of the blind gamers who don’t see the logic in it all. Whether or not he truly respects videogamers I don’t know or care, but he’s obviously a very smart business man who knows what he is doing. He has to make massive decisions constantly, it isn’t as simple as milk COD or let Blizzard do their own thing. And you really are blind if you honestly think his job is that easy.

        One reason why gaming is in such a horrible mess, we don’t have enough smart gamers that have business smarts at the same time.

        The reason why someone like Bobby, someone who literally doesn’t play games, is on top is JUST BECAUSE gamers like yourself don’t want to care about business. And I’m not talking about fanboy gamers becoming business men (a.k.a. those who want to re-create the long boring games they like), I’m talking about people who know both games and business and can create and sell something that many people will want to get.

        Me hating BF2 just shows that you are a market for it when I am not, I’m not disagreeing, but it is the exact same situation as COD. You think the IW situation was easy for Bobby? And don’t say it was Bobby’s fault, then I know you obviously know nothing about the situation and you are just another wild blogger with no sense…. But then again, if you had sense you wouldn’t be posting on silly rumours about one of the smartest men working in videogames anyway.

        • Dril says:

          Staggering. Just staggering; where to begin?

          Firstly, are we talking about Battlefield 2 or Battlefield: Bad Company 2? I’ve (extensively) played the latter and have never played the former so I can offer some perspective: it’s way less grindy than COD. COD is absolutely tied-down by having a lot of very significant bonuses stuck in its shitty levelling system, whereas BF:BC2 has, by and large, a system where you get more choice, not more power, as you level up. What you “heard” is totally irrelevant, since it’s wrong. I always heard LOTRO has a fantastic, amazing community (lol) but, since I play LOTRO on and off, I can tell you it’s bullshit. *EVE* has nicer, more interesting people playing. Quite frankly, if you use hearsay as your judge for things, then, well, prepared to have most of your views be totally incorrect.

          Logic (and history) suggests otherwise that he’s a “very smart business guy.” He fired most of the team that brought Activision huge profits and media focus. He flies in the face of (proven) video game economics by jacking up the prices of everything, whereas Steam has *consistently* proven that cheap, mass-volume sales are hugely profitable. He’s copying the release strategy that has brought EA to their knees (release shoddy remakes every year, yes please! Milk me, Cap’n Kotick, milk me!) In spite of what you said, you’re actually the blind one if you think he has to make very many tough decisions himself. He looks at big sales, sees that adding big money to big sales makes bigger money, and applies that logic. That’s it. Any brain-dead moron with a GCSE in Business Studies could do that. And besides, it’ll end up costing him and his beloved cash cows anyway, so he can go nuts.

          Newsflash: the vast majority of (larger) businesses are like this. Their upper echelons aren’t made up of talented, passionate individuals who love their market so much it brings them joy every day. They’re made up of investors and money-spinners who got where they are by fiddling numbers and putting those numbers to good use. That’s why everything’s run for profit, ya know? Not because of altruism, but to make money for the suit-wearing baggage that every company has.

          The reason why Bobby is on top is probably because he’s partly ruthless, partly good at getting people to do what he wants and mostly because he’s lucky. As I said, any halfwit could actually do his job, it’s just getting there that’s the trouble for most. Much like acting, singing, whatever, there are a lot of people who are as good (or better than) the current crop of stars, it’;s just that the stars got that one lucky breakthrough.

          If the market for COD is people like you, then, frankly, gratz to Bobby for manage to make you think he’s really cool and smart and talented AND that COD is (now) a good, solid franchise. I mean, if all he has to do is literally be a massive arsehole, rich, and milk a franchise for all it’s worth then I can see exactly why you think he’s so clever. If you look at Bobby’s history, there’s a wee segment about coding, followed by a huge slew of attempted acquisitions and corporate takeovers. He isn’t some supremely clever being who knows everything. He got lucky by investing in the right thing at the right time. For every Bobby, there’s thousands that are like hi, but who invested at just the wrong time.

        • Torcano says:

          Can’t reply directly to dril.


          you are quite obviously a complete fps noob or cod noob at the least. Evidentally got owned online and never went back.

          It takes an imperceptible amount of time
          to get to MAX lvl in cod. If you thought it was daunting or unfair you just suck or don’t understand balance weapons or anything about the game.

          There are guns throughout all the lvls that see play regularly and there is no ilvl 7248492 weapons or anything of the sort.

          My non gamer friends are mostly at the 10th prestige rank and don’t play all that much. That’s going through lvls 10 times and re-unlocking everything for Lulz basically every time.

          I would go into more detail but anyone with the slightest knowledge of cod would know exactly what I mean long before now and if not it’s pointless to try and educate

          That being said, I didn’t know there was such rampant fps fanboism in this blogosphere ;)

          I have no allegiances. I play games that are fun and I don’t care what the companys name is. Just because I like black ops doesn’t mean I won’t like bf3…
          They aren’t even true competitors they have radically different play styles and game types.

          But syncaine do you really base your gaming on how nice the company is? Do you do this with all purchases?

          Lol saving the world one purchase at a time?

        • Dril says:


          Interesting that you’re both incredibly stupid and you can’t read. I thought that was beyond your domain.

          I play BFBC2 a lot. I played Unreal Tournament (up to and including 2004) a lot. I played COD4 a helluva lot. I played MW2 a fair bit (although it was basically the same as COD4.) So, no, I’m not an FPS noob, and if you think playing teh CODz makes you an FPS pro, then, well, gtfo frankly.

          At what point did I say it was daunting? Imperceptible? I said it ties your character down. Perks and their ridiculous pro versions, different/more powerful sights, vastly more useful and deadly weapons weapons (Barrett .50cal springs to mind; I remember one-shotting people with it and being able to fire immediately once you could compensate for the recoil, whereas the starter sniper took an age to reload and by that time your target was usually gone) are all from the levelling system in some capacity.

          Great for your non-gamer friends getting prestige 10, they must be so happy (I can’t believe how many suckers got pulled in by the prestige ranks, fantastic grind design at IW I must say) to have done it. It matters why, exactly?

          I play good games as well. COD, as a franchise, has been getting steadily worse and worse, less like an actual FPS and more like “who has the bigger dual-wielded shotguns this round?” So I don’t buy it. Same with WoW, it used to be a good game with a good design team, now both of them are clueless, idiotic and without any form of coherency.

          I know right, I mean, CARING about getting screwed over must suck. I’ll tell you what, when the milking machine begins to hurt your cash-starved udders, why not coma back and lol at everyone who thinks ActiBlizz is hit.

          Until then, go have fun with your ridiculously shallow, crap, overpriced COD. In the meantime, I’ll be playing better games.

        • Wingpie says:

          – Firing those who worked for him… See my other posts… Pretty simple, I explain it all there about idiots in IW…. As for being a mistake…. Well another studio did a suitable job with Black Ops, and they probably won’t to the crap things IW did… So if anything firing was a smart choice.
          – Upping the price of his games. This would have been a huge choice for him to make. And again, it worked, people still brought it. They felt that the extra price tag was worth the quality they get from the game, why should I disagree with them?

          As for doing the same thing again and again every year… See my other posts. The production costs for games have gotten to the point where this is the best point. Activision if anything is really defining how the production of games in this day and age should be. A lot of advanced planning goes into these business models, and Activision is obviously doing right by it since they are the ones doing the best out of everyone.

          Then again, their model is creeping into stuff like WoW, and seemingly isn’t working for it.
          And I’m not even sure if Activision can hold it up for much longer. But it has worked for them for this long. For all I know the newer models they are looking into will fall flat on their faces.

        • Dril says:


          So, wait, you’re genuinely arguing that (from an ultra-capitalist, profit-driven viewpoint) firing the people who brought your company incredible prominence, presence and profit isn’t a bloody stupid move? If you’re Bobby, all you care about is profit, and if that comes from quality, then, hey, why not keep them, regardless of what they do? Doing a “suitable” job with what is considered by many to be *the* FPS engine to beat simply doesn’t cut it.

          No, you’re wrong. You really are. COD4 sold because it was a good game, and that’s where the sales came from: volume, not price-gouging. Every other media service works through mass sales, not expensive sales, and they seem to be doing well. If Bobby’s so smart, why can’t he see that?

          And, if he’s so great, why is he copying EA? Costs don’t matter when your strategy has observably driven your main competitor into *LOSSES.* You don’t copy a system that makes hundreds of millions in *LOSSES* every year, which is exactly what releasing the same game every year does.

        • Wingpie says:

          @ Dril
          Haven’t you read my other replies? I.W. practically got themselves fired. They went behind backs (to EA) and they inserted content just to piss people off (No Russian). By the time Activision could get to them the game development had gone too far and removing the level would have caused even more problems.
          I would have liked to see Activision sue them to poverty, but alas, the stinky developers still ran off with their millions. Millions which would never have been possible without Activision supporting them.
          Personally, I have no idea what Bobby cares about, but w/e he is doing it is obviously working for him. Does it matter what the head of a company’s philosophy is when he still gives enjoyment to millions of people? I don’t know, I’m not going to stop watching Tom Cruise movies just because so much of the money goes to him and hence Scientology, I watch his movies for the quality I may think he brings to it.
          IDK what your talking about COD4 and good games for. I have no idea what CODs are good and what aren’t, like I said before, all that I know is that it continues to work for Bobby. And obviously Bobby has very complex plans and patterns he uses to make sure it continues to work. Game quality is in the eyes of the consumer when they buy the product. I don’t think Duke Nukem Forever is a quality game, yet many people obviously think it is. They speak with their money, I’ll speak with mine. Hence why I don’t really buy COD, a part from a steam pack (upto MW) that was going for $20, which I still haven’t played much of.

  2. bonedead says:

    I thought it was funny. My friend mentioned how he’s already got the “better” game so it’s not like he was going to steal anything. I mentioned that it’s not like he has anything to do with development. Ziiing!

  3. Senorvandal says:

    I was going to write something akin to what Dril wrote up, but he pretty much nailed it so I can sit back and bask in the glory of his awesome post. BTW, Syncaine, you’ll have to change BC3 to BF3.

    • SynCaine says:


      Only title I’ve played in the series is BC2, so in my mind BF=BC.

      • Senorvandal says:

        That explains it. I think the original Bad Company was a means for DICE to produce a console centric Battlefield like game while also testing out the capabilities of their Frostbite engine, mainly destructibility. Bad Company 2 took this one step further by adding new game modes and more destructibility; also it helped DICE to test a frostbite game on PCs where not every system is nearly identical as it is with consoles. It looks like Battlefield 3 is a culmination of everything they’ve learned from the Bad Company series while bringing back elements from the original series (1942, BF2, 2142 etc.) like larger maps, more squad commands and more customization. I hope they can pull it off.

  4. PT Barnum says:

    A few facts:

    1.The programmers of Infinity Ward are responsible for Call of Duty. They may have needed funding from SOMEBODY, but there are lots of people with money in the world. After Kotick blatantly broke his contract with them, they certainly wish they had chosen to get money from someone else. In the short-term, this has let Kotck steal a lot of money.

    2.Infinity Ward founders have left Activision for EA. Are those the “results” that the sociopath Kotick “delivered”?

    3.Yes, Kotick is very efficient at stealing money and being a nasty thug. Calling in a “Security Company”… armed thugs… to interrogate Infinity Ward employees is a real class act. His tatics either work in stealing money and he gets away with it, or the people his as f*d over are able to retaliate, at which point it doesn’t work. He has alienated the designers of the BEST SELLING GAME OF ALL TIME with this behavior and they are now working for another company. hat was probably a mistake.

    4.Remove Blizzard and WoW… which Kotick also has nothing to do with and Activision is no longer special at all.

    5.Feel free to respond with any nonsense you want. Believe me, I don’t care what you say.

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