It’s all fun and games until you start making millions

Via a link in Tobold’s soon-to-be-departed comments section, this RPS article is pretty funny, and the comments related to it are hilarious.

I’m also surprised this has not happened yet. Not the whole “two paragraphs for free” part, but the ability for people to pay for ‘fluff’ related to commenting and such. I’m 100% positive that if offered, some people would pay a monthly charge for their comments to look different from others, be it a special icon or different text. Customizable interface, more RSS feed options, priority ping-back location, etc. People would pay for this stuff.

WordPress should get all over this, and then take an Apple-like cut of any of the profits, in exchange for handling the whole transaction backend so all I have to do is enable fluff at whatever prices I want.

Pure genius IMO.

(And no, I would not sell power, so no “comment goes to the top”, or “ability to delete other comments” or anything like that. I do have standards!)

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9 Responses to It’s all fun and games until you start making millions

  1. Nils says:

    For just $10 I’d allow you to write blog posts for me. Deal ? ;)

    • SynCaine says:

      Nils if blogs started to charge per comment, you would be one broke ass random name on the internet.

      • Torcano says:

        I’m waiting for your post on how to bold has begun his 3 month plan to monetize his blog.

        Starve the commenters, begin series of raging inflammatory posts, then institute fees for privilege of commenting. I imagine he wouldn’t need to moderate with this in place either.

        But in the mean time you could at least try to get some flame wars going on in your comments section to fill the void.

  2. Dril says:

    Would you sell special “booster packs” that would boost my writing speed by 50%?

    I’d buy it, if only to stop the agony that comes from my appalling typing method.

  3. Kevin Brill says:

    I’d pay $65 to have a monocled ORLY owl avatar…

  4. rulez says:

    Someone should patent f2p and lock it down for good.

  5. bhagpuss says:

    Mrs Bhagpuss and I are just back from a trip to Spain and Portugal (had a great time, thanks for asking). We were speculating about internet-based money-making schemes that would allow us to live there full-time and support ourselves with an hour or two on the laptop at a cafe table two or three days a week.

    This is going on the list.

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