Darkfall 2.0: The reset

Back from my mini-vacation. Cruises are not for Aria and I. It felt too much like we were living in one long infomercial. Direct flights to a beach going forward I believe.

Some interest stuff happened last week though, gaming-wise. First and foremost Tasos from Aventurine released two updates talking about Darkfall 2.0 (DF2010/Arena).

Darkfall is in an interested position IMO. It’s still the best fantasy PvP MMO out, still has the best combat in the genre, and has improved greatly over the two years it’s been out. It’s also been somewhat stagnant over the last few months (both from a code update perspective and in terms of in-game excitement/motivation), and it sounds like the 2.0 update will dramatically change many of the core systems and rearrange the power structure.

Themepark MMOs get natural resets whenever the level cap is raised, and this helps re-balance everything along with letting people catch up and get in at the ground floor. In most sandbox titles this is not an option. EVE has never been ‘reset’, UO never saw one back when I played, and, so far, Darkfall has not had one.

Yet with so many things changing, not just with 2.0 but since launch, a ‘fresh’ Darkfall would certainly draw a lot of attention. It’s an all-around better game today than it was back when it launched, and many who left early for one reason or another would, at least, give it another shot (and my guess is many would stay thanks to those changes). Not only that, but the chance to jump in at the ‘start’ would also be a powerful catalyst for totally new players, and this fresh environment would present the game in a very favorable light to them. One of the best things about the original launch was how active all of the new areas were, and things would be much better this time around thanks to all the changes (not the least of which being the revamped alignment system and meditation).

So yes, I expect a full reset come Darkfall 2.0 (I’m actually surprised Tasos has stated players will not have to re-buy the game). All of the debate and polls on the official forums are somewhat silly too. Of course some current players are going to cry and try to protect their pixels, but none of those polls include players who have left, or totally new players who will be caught in the re-launch hype. Plus we all know how solid “I’ll quit” statements are, don’t we MW2?

Now the long and no-doubt often delayed wait for the 2.0 update/reset begins.

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10 Responses to Darkfall 2.0: The reset

  1. Zapatero says:

    I’m curious – what are the numbers for Darkfall these days? A reset sounds like an insane idea, even if the current population is small.

    • SynCaine says:

      Tough to say really. My account is active, but I’m not really ‘active’. I’m sure I’m not the only one in that boat. I know in-game activity is pretty low though, outside of sieges and such.

  2. Saucelah says:

    I’ve always feared going on a cruise would make me feel like I was trapped in a mall. And without even having any zombies wandering around outside it for target practice.

  3. Adam says:

    I think people would be very legitimately upset about a reset.

    Remember that little thing called meditation? This was supposed to fix the power imbalance “issue” and months later after tons of gold poured in per day Aventurine would decide to throw all that down the toilet?

    Doesn’t sound like a reset is happening so moving on.

    I have to say while I love the game even I’m getting sick of the Tasos messaging drama.

    This 2.0 relaunch is just a laundry list of darkfall2010 features he has been promising and failing to deliver for 18+ months.

    We’ll all be happy to see something ship.

    I have to say I’ve come around on one issue though and it’s a critical miss that it’s not on the way…

    Darkfall does need hisec territory badly. We need the newbs and people farming them running in circles around newbcities has kept the game’s growth way down.

    Make the racial areas highsec somehow and put some racial pvp captures in between them. Make Alfar and Human newbs fight over who gets some middle level farming mobs under their highsec or something.

    Btw did you ever try M&B multiplayer? I never bothered until I caught some ripperx videos on youtube.

    It’s a seriously great time. Except for one game type it’s not the big npc clusterfuck I thought it would be.

    It’s counterstrike with axes, bows and muskets.It is a hilariously good time.

    As long as your ping is under 100 it’s really solid and lots of skill in the melee (don’t listen to the usual crying).

    I think Fire and Sword is the best multiplayer so far. The swing speed is less spazzy and guns are really overrated by whiners (just zigzag at the right time and you’ll shit on ranged players).

    Anyone that likes Darkfall combat would love it. It even made me dream of a Darkfall with no magic…

    • SynCaine says:

      Think of the impact meditation would have on new characters: people being encouraged to farm gold, having something to actually spend it on, and planning that spending wisely. MMO players would get a lot out of that system IMO.

      M&B I like the macro more than the micro (though the combat is pretty awesome), so I stick to single player.

      • Adam says:

        Sorry to confuse, I like meditation and think its a good system. It even has some benefits (like encouraging some regular farming as you say) over the equivalent in Eve.

        My comment was merely that nuking everyone’s progress in meditation merely for a “relaunch” that was supposed to hypothetically draw in a bunch of newbs to the game would be lame.

        Where are these scrubs coming from? If Tasos has 20k newbs that will sign based on a stat reset I guess he’d have an argument. Without that it would be a shithead move to reset everyones progress after 2 years.

        Here is that ripperx video of mount&blade

  4. PT Barnum says:

    My comment was merely that nuking everyone’s progress in meditation merely for a “relaunch” that was supposed to hypothetically draw in a bunch of newbs to the game would be lame.

    Where are these scrubs coming from? If Tasos has 20k newbs that will sign based on a stat reset I guess he’d have an argument. Without that it would be a shithead move to reset everyones progress after 2 years.

    A lot of that “progress” involved bug-farming that has been removed. Also, leveling by swimming and other stunts. So yeah, I can see why having to level by the METHODS NOW AVAILABLE would be upsetting.

    It was pretty clear from the initial design that the designers had little experience in MMO design. They have undoubtly learned a lot over two years. In fact, the reset could also fix other wierdness as well.

  5. its not the game that’s broken,the problem is the players, i have never seen such a disgraceful community. even if you relaunch the game that doesn’t change players way of playing: using alts to leech mines, massive bank staring in city’s waiting for income because they are to scared to go out alone, selfsieging, crying on the forums for a wipe or other things that might benefit them. Just a few examples, have a nice day

  6. Hoolash says:

    UO reset came when they did the Tram/Fel split.

  7. David Lucey says:

    From everything I’ve seen about DF2.0 about the only thing that is the same is that it is still Agon, with the same history and lore and that it is still full loot and PvP.

    There won’t be a reset for DF1.0 users as DF2.0 will be introduced as a new game and a new player experience. So DF1.0 players, such as myself, will be able to cling to our pixels if we really want to.

    IF, and I do mean IF DF2.0 launches and lives up to it’s expectations then DF1.0 will die a graceful slow death and become part of the rich tapestry of gaming history.

    Enjoy what we have now because DF1.0, despite what some people call its faults, is still the richest most exciting hardcore and casual PvP game in existence. I can only hope that the teams at Adventurine can follow up with a worthy successor to the mightiest game in the genre.


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